Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday Roundup

Free Fact Friday will be back in 2011.
I hope everyone had a good holidays, mine was great, especially since it was Ryder's 1st Xmas.  We went to Saskatoon for about 2.5 days and then Brooks for about 2.5 days.


Anyone else find it a little odd that Sutter stepped down as the GM of the Flames at Xmas time ?  I figured it was going to happen sooner or later, just not during the xmas break.  Doesn't really matter that much to me, as long as the flames keep losing.


Was finishing up my xmas shopping and came across this hot dog stand outside of Best Buy.  I love the name of it, The Dogfather.  i was tempted to hold up traffic to get a dog, but never did.

This was my fishing haul this year at xmas.  For those of you that are fishing illiterate, that is a fish net, folding knife, and tackle box.  The fish won't know what hit'em this year.

Ahhh yes, great joke.  Tommy V's infamous joke.  To make a long story short, dad was consistently asking Urty and I for the F'ing Vodka.  He would say 'pour me an F'ing Vodka'.  This was said many times over.  Well, upon looking at the vodka bottle, we could see the humour that Tommy V belting out.  Has anyone ever heard of Effen Vodka ?

Had to throw in a few pics of Ryder in his Santa outfit at Xmas time.


Now this is pretty remarkable.  There is a guy out in Cochrane that decided to raise money for the 'Right to Play' foundation.

For those of you that find it hard to run a single marathon, 42.2 km, try running 250 marathon's in one year.  Yes, you heard me correctly, 250 marathons.  Check out his website.  He has one more to do and the last one is on new years eve.


With the world junior's being on right now, let's think back to the infamous brawl that took place back in 1987.  Unbelievable.


I am out !!!

Happy Holidays !!! Blog Starts Back Tomorrow

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Riders win, I win

This is what happens when the Riders beat the Eskimos.
Thanks for the 40 pound hammer Lutz, Xmas will extra special this year.


Now, take a look at the next 2 pictures and see if you can make out what they are.

Pic #1.

Pic #2.

Given up yet ?  The first pic is supposed to be Ryder's hand print and the 2nd pic is his foot print.  This was a bit of a disaster.  I thought it was going to be easy.  Put paint on boy's feet/hand, and push on book.  Yeah, not nearly as easy as I thought.  Maybe I will come up with something else.


Out .

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Monday Morning Metal

Since Xmas is just around the corner, today's version of MMM will involve a few pictures of xmas related gear.

Nothing says Merry Christmas like Merry KISSmas.
Here are some Christmas ornaments.

Here is Gene himself.

A wonderful album that I own.

A few more KISSmas pics.

And finally,....


So wimp and I did a 5k race Saturday morning and it turned out to be a lot of fun.  It was my first time running in the snow, and it was a lot easier than I thought.  I am not saying the race was easy, but the running in the snow was easier than expected.

Here a few photos of wimp and I.  The Santa Claus outfits came with the entry fee and was mandatory that all the racers wore them.  I was actually pretty cool seeing a couple hundred Santas' running down by the river Saturday morning.


I will throw up one more blog before the holidays (hopefully).

If not, have a merry KISSmas

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Free Fact Friday

Today's Daily Dump...

Gender Gap

An Australian study found that men fart an average of 10 times a day while women let loose a mere 8 times a day.  The study also concluded, however, that women's farts smelled worse, mainly because female farts had a higher sulfur concentration.  How were the fart smells analyzed ?  First, subjects farted into an aluminum bag via a rectal tube.  The gas was then removed with a syringe and expelled into the nostrils of the eagerly awaiting judges.  All in the name of science !


Did anyone else check out the GSP - Koscheck fight last weekend ?  Complete dominance by GSP.  Now I know a lot of people were mad that GSP didn't 'finish' him, and that the fight went the full 5 rounds.  Hey, GSP is a smart fighter, he's not going to put himself at risk and get knocked out just for the sake of 'finishing' an opponent, he stuck to his gameplan and demolished KOS.

This is what happens when you mess with GSP.
Josh's eye was completely swollen shut after the 1st round, and the fight went 5 rounds.
The first pick is his eye during the fight, the second pic is 24 hours after the fight.  They had to slice into the top eyelid and bottom eyelid to let it bleed and relieve the pressure.  KOS suffered a fractured orbital bone in the fight and needed surgery to fix it.


I love it !!  During the Oiler game a couple nights ago, Colton Orr had his choice, to fight Zac "huggy bear" Stortini or Big Mac.  Now weeks earlier, big mac demolished Orr in a fight, so the pussy Orr decides to take on Stortini, and pummels him.  I love the clip though, you see Mac and Zac both talking to Orr, I would love to hear that conversation.


So wimp and I have a 5 km run Saturday morning, supposed to be -15 sat morning.  Maybe this race wasn't the best idea after all.


Speaking of Stortini, man, the guy really has to learn how to fight or retire from the NHL.  He isn't skilled enough to be a grinder, and his fighting skills are terrible.
Here is his scrap from last night.  Now you know why he has the nickname 'huggy bear'


have a good weekend !

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I guess it's official

Got this in the mail today from the Alberta gov't.  It's says I have a baby boy name Ryder Curtis Veale.  Who knew ?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Morning Metal

I thought for today's Monday morning metal, I would have the hottest chix in metal.
I don't personally have my own top 10, but I will just throw a few out there and see what you think.

A metal list wouldn't be one without the queen, Lee Aaron.  I have a couple pics of her on here.

Next on the list would be another legend in the rock/metal scene, Lita Ford.

Now, here is a gal named Christina Scabbia.  I wouldn't mind here screaming at me in the front row of her concert

Next is the lovely Maria Brink.  Not much has to be said about this pic.

Another pic of Maria Brink 

This Gal's name is Hayley Williams, not bad side profile if I do say so myself

And lastly, we have Lacey Mosely

Really, you can't go wrong with any of these gal's.  My top 3 are Maria Brink, Christina Scabbia, and Lee Aaron.


So the decision has been made.  I purchased the iPhone 4 on the weekend.  After playing around with it for a couple days, I have allready decided that the iPhone is waaay easier to get around, and set up and use.  Now I just have to get used to the touchscreen.  I haven't even really missed the BBM much yet, but I guess time will tell.  So far I give it a thumbs up.  I will give another review in about a month and give you another low-down.


Here it goes again.......Wimp and I signed up for a 5km run this Saturday.  It's called 'Run Santa Run'.  The entrance fee includes a Santa suit, and it is mandatory that every person wears it.  It will look pretty cool, a couple hundred Santa's running by the river.


L8er Sk8er

Friday, December 10, 2010

Free Fact Friday's....

Today's daily dump.

On the Can, On the Job.

If you find yourself in a multistall work bathroom and you're no longer able to hold it in, employ one of several techniques to mask the impending noise.  The exaggerated cough/sneeze and continuous flush tactics, when timed perfectly, are extremely effective at muffling the sounds created during defecation.  The downside of the latter approach is the inevitable toilet backsplash that one must endure.  Another option?  The Life Raft:  place a few squares of paper in the toilet prior to pooing, to muffle the sound of impact.


Nothing beats a good ol hockey brawl.  This one took place overseas.  A canadian kid tried to take on the goalie, which in turn started the bench clearing brawl.


So the question plaguing me right now is do I get an Iphone4, Droid, or Blackberry torch.

I am looking to upgrade my smartphone, I have the blackberry curve right now, but I figure it's time for an upgrade.
I have used a blackberry for the past 4 years, so I know the ins and outs of it, oddly enough, it pretty much took me 4 years to master it.  Even though I like it, it is not that user friendly.

Now BB has released the torch, but still, I am going to try something new.

So it boils down to the droid or the iPhone 4.

I will likely have the new device purchased by this weekend, once I do, I will put a review up on the blog about it.


I am hating professional baseball more and more each day.


I can't believe the baseball contracts that are out there, it is ridiculous.  What a joke.  I can't wait to take my family to a MLB game and pay $500.  These contracts have to stop.


I am out !!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Monday Morning Metal

Today's MMM will feature the best Xmas light display I have seen.  Some slayer fan has his Xmas lights pulsate to the beat of Slayer's 'Raining Blood'.  It's quite amazing.  Check it out !!


To stick with the festive season, one can only think of one thing, 'truck nuts'.  You know, the 'balls' that hang from the back of a truck on the hitch, check out the pics below to refresh your memory.

To stick with the festive spiriy, I came up with 'Tree Nuts'.  While putting up the Xmas tree yeterday, I managed to hang a couple balls relatively clost together, and there you go, tree nuts !!!!


This is one of the reason's why I can't stand baseball sometimes.


Yeah, you read that right.  Jason Werth just signed that contract.  Good for Werth.  But I don't know what the hell the Nationals are thinking.  Jason Werth-less is not worth this at all.  Werth-less in my opinion pretty much sucks.  He has never batted over 300, never had more than 100 rbi's, and the dude is getting 18 million a year ?!?!?!  I love baseball, but this is ridiculous, what a joke.


Tiger, what the heck ?  I thought for sure you were going to win you first tourney, especially since you had a 4 stroke lead going into the final round.  But hey, you are definently on the road back, now I have officially began watching golf again.  Now go home and enjoy a blonde or two.


L8er !!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Free Fact Fridays...

Today's Daily Dump.

Monster Poo

I Made That ?

Monster Poos are characterized by their massive girth and their tendency to extend beyond the water surface.  You may wonder, "How did something that large come out of me ?"  You may even fear flushing this poo without first using a toilet brush to break it up into smaller pieces.


Has anyone eaten at this place in the States ?  One just opened up in Deerfoot Meadows (about 2 mins from my house), I will be checking it out on Saturday.


So I haven't commented yet on the Riders losing the Grey Cup.  I don't know, this year the loss was easier to take.  Don't get me wrong, I am still pissed we lost the Grey Cup.  I don't want to rant, but the turning point in the game was us having 8 consecutive punts.  Can't win in the CFL with that many punts in a row.


Also, Ken Millar has resigned as the coach of the Riders.  I know the players loved this guy, but still to this day, I never thought his decision making was very good.  Typical example in the Grey Cup game, why the heck did he call a time out before Duval's filed goal attempt ?  If we were to have a game ending drive, we would have needed that time out, made absolutely no sense to me.

I would like to see Dave Dickensen as our next head coach.  There is a lot of 'ex' coaches that are out there, but I would like to see some fresh meat, and Dave Dickensen would be awesome.


The finished their 3 game sweep of Eastern Canada.  Wow, a 3 game winning streak, the longest of the year.  The Oil have officially moved ahead of the Flames in the standings.  My flames fans are loving that !!


L8er SK8er

Thursday, December 2, 2010

What a weekend...from what I can remember.

So I ended up making it down to Edmonton on Saturday for a visit with the boys.  Nothing says a visit with the boys like a 12 hour shift at Riderville during the Grey Cup festivities.
With Riderville being the most popular hospitality suite at Grey Cup, you have to get there early or risk waiting in line for hours.
Riderville opens at noon, the boys and I show up and 12:15pm, its on.

This is what a day in Riderville is like.

Crack a Pilsner

Shoot the sh*t with the boys

Comment on how we are all going to buy new Rider jersey's for next year.

Crack another Pilsner

Notice the guy to girl ratio is about 90 - 1.

Jim Hopson walks by, get picture taken with him.

See a guy walk by with ridiculous face paint and wonder 'should i put on face paint ?  and then say no'

walk around the joint and make comments about how Riderville isn't big enough this year and that it will fill up right away.

Run into people you haven't seen for 10 years.

Crack a Pilsner

Look at merchandise booth and mention how you will purchase something by the end of the night

Notice Rob Murphy and his girlfriend walking around.

Comment how full Riderville is ALLREADY

Bug Wade because he still has the god awful Rider jersey from 10 years ago.

Send urty riderville text message updates.

Rider Pep Band come marching in start singing all the CFL songs.

All the teams cheerleaders come in and perform for the group.  (at which this point every guy in he joint is picking out their favorite blonde, brunette, red head, top heavy gal, budon-a-donk gal, etc etc)

Crack a Pilsner

Go to bathroom

Forget Pilsner on urinal in bathroom, go back and retrieve it

Text Urty

Admire the tower of beer cans, and how it hasn't fallen yet.

get pictures taken with cops

Talk again with people you haven't seen in 10 years.

Crack a Pilsner

Wait in line for hotdog only to find out they ran out of hot dogs at the person before you, so you settle on 3 Kit Kat's

Shoot the sh*t with the boys

Notice how your feet are really starting to ache and hurt, look for a place to sit.

Go to get Pilsner but realize you don't have anymore drink tix.  Go to drink ticket line and get tickets, then wait back in Pilsner line.  1/2 to get a beer, I love it !!




I am sure you all get the picture.

Can't wait to do it again in Vancouver next year !!


Here are some pics from Riderville.

Ray Ray with the fuzz

The tower of beer cans

Some gal stacking the tower

Ray Ray vs the tower

This dude looks EXACTLY  like my dad, so I had to take a picture of him.  Seriously, I can't get over how much he looks like Tommy Babe

Me and Mike Solloy

Ray Ray and Horse trying to figure you their Blackberry's

Ray Ray posing with sign

Mouse with Hopson

The crew, god awful jersey Legend

Me with beer goggles guy

Motley Crew

God Bless Microsoft

So i figured out why I haven't been able to post anything on here the past week.  I upgraded my Internet explorer browser to version 9 beta.  Well, I guess the beta 9 version doesn't work with posting blogs on this site.  So I am uninstalling version 9 and going back to version 8.

Will have a new blog on either today or tomorrow.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Free Fact Friday

Today Daily Dump

Ghost Poo.

A most perplexing poo, the Ghost Poo can rattle even the amost stoic of bathroom goers.  What begins as just another po ends with desbelief, even fright, as the postpoo glance reveals nothing but crystal clear water in the toilet bowl, leaving the pooer to wonder, "Where has my poo gone?"  Not to be confused with Log Jam (although the appearance is similar), Ghost Poo is the most mysterious of all poos.  Some have invoked the existence of a poo gnome, while others question whether a poo Bermuda Triangle may be to blame.


The grey cup is a few days away, can you feel it !?!?  I can't wait.  I will stop ranting about how I dislike the Stamps, but I have to mention one more thing.  Check out the TSN clip below, it's highlights of the game.  The best part of it is when the have Brandon Browner with a picture-in-picture telling about how none of his pass interference plays were illegal.  It's hilarious, while he is explaining it, the clip shows the opposite.  I especially like it when he says that Dressler is 150 pounds, and he is 210 pounds, like he is a big stud or something.  Hilarious.

This is a cool clip of GSP in a commercial.


Here are some Rider jokes and such to lead up to the big game, enjoy !


Our quarterback,
who art in Edmonton..
Darian be thy name..
thy game be done,
thy will be WON
in Commonwealth as it was in
Give us this game
The Grey Cup Game
and forget about Calgary's
as we forgive those who can't measure up to
Lead us not into interception,
but deliver us from
For thine are the Riders
with Power and
forever and
the Grey Cup we


The Phone Call
Glen Suitor was in Montreal for TSN to announce a
football game 

one weekend, when he noticed a special
telephone near the 

Aloutte's bench. He asked QB Calvillo what it
was used for and was told it 

was a hotline to God. Glen asked if he
could use it. Calvillo replied, 

"Sure, but it will cost you

Glen scratched his head, then thought, what the heck, I
could use 

some help picking games. He pulled out his wallet and
paid $200. 

Glen's picks were perfect that

The next week, Glen was in Edmonton when he noticed

same kind of phone on the Eskimo's bench. He asked what the

was for and QB Ray told him, "It's a hotline to God. If
you want to use 

it, it will cost you $500." Recalling the previous
week, Glen pulled 

out his wallet and made the call. Glen's picks
were perfect again 

that week. 

Last weekend, Glen
was in Regina when he noticed 

the same kind of telephone by the
Rider's bench. He asked QB Durant, 

"Is that the hotline to God?"
Durant said, "Yes, and if you want to use 

it, it will cost you a

Glen looked incredulously at Durant and said, "Wait a
second, I 

just paid $200 in Montreal and $500 in Edmonton to use
the same 

phone to God! Why do the Riders only charge a

Durant replied, "Because in Saskatchewan, it's a local

That's about all for today folks, enjoy the weekend and Go Riders Go !!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Morning Metal...

VINNIE PAUL Says He Will Not Be Smoking The Peace Pipe With PHILIP ANSELMO - Nov. 21, 2010

Jeff Salamon of Texas Monthly recently conducted an interview with HELLYEAH/ex-PANTERA drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Texas Monthly: Before "Cowboys From Hell", you guys were a typical eighties glam metal band — you had the teased hair, the spandex, the makeup — and then on this record your sound got a lot heavier and your look got a lot grimier. Which change came first? The look or the sound?

Vinnie: It was a combination. MEGADETH called [late PANTERA guitarist and Vinnie Paul's brother] Dimebag up and pretty much offered him the world to come play guitar with them, but he turned them down. And we all went, "Wow, we gotta do something here to turn this band into something special." Our independent releases were kind of mimicking the bands we were listening to at the time, so basically we said, "Let's get rid of these magic clothes — they don't play music for us. Let's strip this thing down." We were ready to do something new — keep the hillbilly roots that we had from Texas but kick it up a notch.

Texas Monthly: What do you mean by your "hillbilly roots?"

Vinnie: My dad was a country musician, so we had David Allan Coe and lots of other country music playing around the house all the time. If you take the riff from the song "Cowboys From Hell" and really break it down, it's almost a hillbilly guitar riff: dekka dekka dekka dekka dekka dekka dekka dek. We just took that kind of vibe and put this heavy metal machine behind it.

Texas Monthly: I know that when PANTERA broke up there was a lot of bad blood between you and [vocalist] Phil Anselmo. Did you guys have to deal with each other at all to put this reissue out?

Vinnie: Nah, nah. I did everything that I could to make sure it was as good as it could be, and he contributed his part, and I think we did the fans justice by all being part of it.

Texas Monthly: In his liner notes Anselmo goes on and on about how great all of you guys are, as if he's trying to bury the hatchet. But in your liner notes you take a subtle dig at him by writing, "Phil was very different at the time — very honest and open with his lyrics." Should I assume that you're not going to smoke the peace pipe?

Vinnie: That's a pretty good assumption. I'll leave it at that.


That's it today for the metal, time to talk football !!

Man, what a game yesterday.  Did anyone else almost have a heart attack when Grice-Mullen fumbled the ball the Freeman jumped on it ?  Wow.

I love beating Calgary, I hate the stamps.  They have always been, and always will be an arrogant and cocky team.  Take a read of this article from columnist Rob Vanstone...he puts is PERFECTLY !!

VANSTONE: Riders play the right way

By Rob Vanstone, Leader-Post November 21, 2010 Comments (8)

•Story REGINA — Brandon Browner ended up with more grabs than Andy Fantuz. Ultimately, that was hugely beneficial to the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Once again, Browner held Fantuz — the Roughriders' leading receiver — without a catch. But the officials caught Browner, at long last, and the CFL's West Division final irreversibly turned in favour of Saskatchewan.

If you appreciate karma, you have to like the Roughriders' 20-16 victory over the host Calgary Stampeders. The outcome looked as good on the Roughriders as it did on the Stampeders. Both sides got exactly what they deserved.

The Roughriders are off to Sunday's Grey Cup against the Montreal Alouettes.

The Stampeders are off, period.

Saskatchewan went ahead to stay with 2:10 remaining in the third quarter, when Wes Cates barged four yards to paydirt. On the previous play, Browner had been flagged for illegal contact on Fantuz, who was flagrantly held by the Stampeders' defensive back.

Truth be known, Fantuz had been repeatedly tugged and grabbed by Browner for the better part of two games. In defending Fantuz, the Stampeders opted for Greco-Roman coverage, as opposed to man-to-man or zone.

For the most part, it was successful. Fantuz, who amassed a league-high 1,380 receiving yards during the regular season, was held — literally — without a catch throughout two consecutive games against Calgary.

But when the Stampeders could ill afford an infraction, flags flew — in the very same end of McMahon Stadium where a too-many-men-on-the-field penalty scuttled the Roughriders' Grey Cup hopes against Montreal last Nov. 29.

Montreal ended up winning, 28-27, leaving the Roughriders to attempt to explain and digest what happened during the infamous 13th-man incident. That topic will certainly be raised every 3.2 seconds as Grey Cup week unfolds in Edmonton but, for now, the Roughriders have every reason to savour Sunday's conquest. The Stampeders, by contrast, have every reason to feel sheepish, even embarrassed, over a home-field loss. Perhaps Sunday's loss will prove to be the intervention the Stampeders needed.

For too long, the Stampeders have strutted and taunted and disrespected their opposition, not to mention their sport. Even while the Stampeders were assuming an 11-0 lead, their lack of discipline was evident. Calgary head coach John Hufnagel even lamented the disciplinary issue during a typically truncated interview at halftime.

So, naturally, the Stampeders failed to get the message. Romby Bryant was called for mindlessly taunting Riders safety James Patrick after a 36-yard reception. The 10-yard infraction moved the Stampeders out of field-goal range.

Earlier, Calgary's Dwight Anderson — the league's most notorious trash-talker — had been nailed for unnecessary roughness in the waning seconds of the first half, following a touchdown pass from Darian Durant to Cary Koch.

The penalty to Anderson should have served as a warning to the insufferably cocky Stampeders, but these guys don't get it. Chances are they never will.

The Roughriders are the worthiest of West Division champions because they are the antithesis of the flaky team they defeated on Sunday.

Do not misinterpret this. Saskatchewan's victory in the division final was not entirely attributable to Calgary's meltdowns, although they didn't hurt.

The tone was set on the game's opening play, when Stampeders running back Joffrey Reynolds was stuffed by a hobbling Barrin Simpson. With one hit, Simpson conveyed an emphatic message. It was going to be a different game.

The Roughriders bent on occasion, as is inevitable in the CFL, but the Stampeders did not have nearly enough answers for Gary Etcheverry's unpredictable defence. Jerrell Freeman, in particular, gave the Stampeders fits while attacking them from every direction.

Were he a Stampeder, Freeman would have gyrated and very publicly congratulated himself after registering a tackle, a sack or a key hit. Freeman was excited, to be certain, but never excessive following a series of robust plays. His command performance is a major reason why the Roughriders will participate in the 98th Grey Cup.

The Rider Nation is understandably jubilant over Sunday's result. But the Roughriders' victory should also be applauded by people who enjoy seeing the game played the right way.

In every respect, the Roughriders are the class of the West Division.


And of course, all the article's I read this morning talk about how the referee's lost the game for the stamps.  The fact is, we played better and won the game.  I wonder if John Hufnagel is going to resign Browner and Anderson this offseason (calgary 2 most cockiest and arrogant players).  I think they need a new direction, one without these 2 clowns.  If was great watching Browner pout on the bench and kick towels around after his penalties.  Suck it up buddy !!


enough of that, here is a pic of Jono and I from the game yesterday.


Have a good day folks !

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Free Fact Friday...(late edition)

Today's daily dump

Work Poo

You have just returned from an all-you-can-eat Chinese lunch buffet and are settling into your desk when the rumbling begins.  You attempt to pass off the gurgling and bloating as mere has but soon realize that this is the real deal.  It's game time.  You are on the verge of a Work Poo, and an unplanned one at that.  You desperately attempt to stifle the urge while quickly taking stock of your surroundings, noting the locations and types of bathrooms (unisex, multiple stalls, etc.)  and amount of ambient noise.  You can only hope and pray for a quick, quiet, and odorless expulsion.  Despite the urgency, don't forget the rules of the Work Poo (most importantly, try to find a private bathroom in a different part of the building).


So those of you may know allready, i have a son, his name is Ryder.  Many people have asked as to why I haven't blogged about him yet.  No real reason, just lazy I guess.  So this is my first official blog about him.  The little man was born on Sept. 18 2010, full name is Ryder Curtis Veale.

I thought I would check on the Internet to see who else was born on this day, here are a few:

Billy Drago, the dude from 'The Untouchables".  I love that movie.  I still use quotes from that movie, especially "Let's go do some good...!!"

Jada Pinkett Smith, the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire's wife

Scotty Bowman, I think this guy is a coach that has couple wins and stanley cups.

Ronaldo, soccer player, enough said.

But probably most importantly, Keeley Hazell was born on the same day as Ryder.  She is England's version of Paris Hilton.  But she is known for her natural size 32 E jugs.

There likely are others, but don't have time to search the net all day.

Having a son has completely changed my life, for the good.  Before, I could go to the gym whenever I wanted, meet the boys for beers whenever I wanted, etc.  Now everything has to be planned out.  You just can't leave the house when you want, you have to make sure the wife is willing to look after the boy while you are out.  A lot of the times, the wife has been looking after boy all day, so dad babysits the entire evening.  It does make the scheduling tough.

But it is great to see him acknowledge you, start smiling, and all the other things babies do when they are in their infant stages.

The boy is going to grow up and be a 'closet' metal head like his father, whether the mother likes it or not.  Just wait until I start piping Metallica into the babies room while he sleeps. 

Ryder doesn't quite have control of his own digits yet, so him producing the rock n roll 'horns' is tough to do.

Here is what the horns should look like.

Here is Ryder doing them (with help from father)

Now, I could bombard you with a tons of pics of Ryder, he is just so damn cute, but I won't.  But I will share one pic with you, it's Ryder doing his Gene Simmons impersonation.


Huge Rider game this Sunday.  I am nervous allready.  Yep, a high of -15 with tons of snow.  I think I'll be watching it at home.


L8er !!!