Friday, March 26, 2010

Say Hey Ray Ray.....

It's time for Ray Ray to pipe in with a guest blog.....

I generally keep a low presence; I don't have facebook, myspace or twitter accounts and usually get my fill of email at work, but I stumbled upon this blog under the friendly links section of th GWAR fan club website and I felt a calling to contribute.

I thought this would be a great forum to answer the question that I'm sure many of Egger's peeps have been asking, "What ever happened to that handsome, mildly amusing guy he used to live with ?
Where to begin? I live in a condo in NW Calgary and work at a technology company managing a key accounts group. In my spare time I enjoy doing five of these eight things:
  • running
  • going to the movies
  • baking
  • reading
  • puzzles
  • watching tv
  • spending time chatting and mingling with large groups of people
  • attending lacrosse games with my girlfriend

I also play floor hockey with Egger but had no idea he was injured in last weekend's game. By the sounds of it, he may be on the shelf for quite sometime and with only a month left in the season his dream of another Lutzie Cup championship may be in jeopardy. (I was part of the winning team last year, see pic in the top left)

A few weeks ago I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend a couple of quarter final Olympic hockey games. Unfortunately the only picture I have looks like I was attending the Olympics in Afghanistan and not Vancouver. (see 2nd pic up top)

Aside from a few trips to rip it up with the boyz and the odd trip with my girlfriend this is really everything I have been up to. Stay tuned for my next riveting update in 14 months.

Ray Ray.

AARRGGHHH, Back Pain....

I have sprained my ankle, knee, and have had both shoulders operated on, but none of that pain compares to lower back pain. I have been having lower back pain now for about the past 5 years. The pain is ALWAYS there, and i just put up with it, but a couple times a year it hits me hard and i am pretty much crippled for a couple weeks, like I am right now.

Off to the chiropractor today to see if he can do some good.

Not to mention this has put a damper on my tri training. I haven't gone to the gym in over a week. You can't do much at the gym when you can't stand up straight.

I'll keep you posted


Monday, March 15, 2010

uRtY hEre

Wow, so this is what cyberspace looks like. Anywho, egger I checked out law abiding citizen on the weekend with Nic....holy gratuitous violence. I liked the show though. I quite like this bloggin' thing, think I will start my own page and call it the "anti face book" blog. Dont worry Eggz, I will only guest blog on yours. I will start a blog for ball season for my team the Rhinos. It will just be for ball season, so stay tunes for game by game analysis, player know, that sort of thing.

Anyway, is anybody out there having trouble with email money transfers from their prospective banks?
I tried to send my braaa 1 billion dollars on a email money transfer, but RBC would not accept it. RBC said that they can do 10 - 100 million dollar transactions....will that be OK egger?

Shout out to my boy for a long drought coming to an end on the PGA tour this past weekend......I'm out?!
Urty Els

Weekend Roundup.....

Well let's see, it all started with a hockey game on friday night, in which we got demolished 8-0. It didn't help that stunk the joint out, but what can you do, it matters come playoff time right ??


Saturday night involved watching the movie 'Zombieland'. I liked this show. It is what it is...killing zombies. If you are looking for a love story with an amazing plot, then this movie is not for you.


Wasn't able to hit the car show this weekend. Sunday involved doing work around the house and floor hockey sunday night, in which my team won 24-14.

I seriously threw my back out during floor hockey, i have always had lower back issues, but just before half time it went out, and went out bad. I still played the second half but left the gym crouched over like a hunchback. Still kills this, i really hate lower back pain.


l8er sk8er

Friday, March 12, 2010

An evening with a pig......

Chi Pig that is....the lead singer of the legenday punk band SNFU.
My sister (better known as wimp) and I checked out the punk band last night at the Republik.
SNFU used to be a 5 piece band, but now they are a 4 piece band, with Chi Pig as the only remaining original member.
Long gone are the days of Chi batting weiners into the crowd with a tennis racquet, but you can't expect much from a 47 year old druggy, alcoholic, schizophrenic lead singer.
Me and wimp stood at the back of the Republik and took in the show, to where wimp asked "where is all of Chi's props ? "
No Pig's Head Mask, no native head dress, and no gigantic thumbs.
Great Show none the less !!!!!! Long live SNFU !!

Monday, March 8, 2010

13 week training schedule...

Okay, lindsay (my sister) found a 13 week training program for our Tri. We are in week 4. The biggest hurdle for me is swimming. I have been doing laps at our gym, trying to go as long as I can without a major stop. So far, things are going pretty good. Though I seem to miss the odd day of training, but things are going good.

More to come...stay tuned.

Try a Tri

New Year comes new challenges. This year, my sister and I decided to enter a triathlon.

Now, since we have never done one before, we found a Try-a-Tri to participate in.

You still swim, bike, and run, but the distances are way shorter. This is a triathlon for beginners, if things go well, I would like to enter a half Triathlon too.

The Blog of All Blogz......

You have reached the blog to beat all other blogs....

My name is Craig, and i will the one maintaining this site.

I will be blogging about pretty much anything, but the best part is that I will have 'guests' blogs on here, chosen from random people.

Enjoy !!!!