Friday, April 30, 2010

Lutzie Cup Playoff Update...Game #3, the final game.

Here it is, courtesy of the commish...

There are playoff series you remember as a hockey fan. The ones your heroes won, the ones your heroes lost. The villians. The heartbreak, the jubiliation. The ups and downs. They stay with you like so many memories of life.

Take for example the 09/10 Lutzie Cup, that came to a conclusion Sunday night at the NE Sportsplex. With a clearly overwhelming 6 goal deficit to overcome Team White gained points for even taking to the court in Game 3. Lesser men would have stayed home, but better men were there. Despite the mountain in front of them Team White pushed themselves up the summit to find themselves not only on equal footing with Team Dark, but ahead. In the end, after over 3 games, hundreds of shots and 270 minutes of playing time the Lutzie Cup came down to one goal. That is parity.

The first half was a Team White white-wash of Team Dark. Early on the score was 2-1 for White, and then the floodgates opened. By the time the smoke cleared Team White held a 7-goal advantage with a spry-looking Lutz leading with 5 markers alone. The return of Craig 'Brokeback' Veale proved a clear difference-maker, with a near shutdown of Dark's offense. Claude 'The Gazelle' Daigle contributed as well, including an end-to-end end of the half culminating in a devastatingly-slow change up shot along the floor to the 5-hole.

The second half was a different story. Team Dark began to shore up the defence and push back. Led by the determination of Jay and his hat trick, Dark pulled back into a tied position and eventually a one goal lead.

In hockey, in pressure games, there can be heroes and goats. Rarely does one player get to be both. With time winding down and White pushing for the tie, Lutz, with 6 goals to his name, gift-wrapped the eventual winner onto Whitney's stick with an ill-advised Brisebois-esque dish up the middle. Whitney was escorted by Baker to the net on a 2 on 0 that (strangely) Whitney buried top shelf to the glove side.

Next goal was called, scored by Veale, but the game was sealed and Dark had held on.

Team Dark is to be commended for their balanced team effort. Congrats to Jay, John, Baker, Ray Ray, Whitney, Jimmy and Troy.

And, as the Flames would say, see you next year.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

too little too late....

It was a valiant effort, but the good guys came up short.
Going into the 3rd and final game of the lutzie cup, the odd-makers weren't giving us much of a chance being down 6 goals. But after a hard fought game, in which we won by 5 goals, we came up 1 goal short for the championship.
Another summer of Ray Ray's, can't wait til next year. Stay tuned for more of description of the game.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Don't call it a comeback....!!

yeah, the rumors are true, the big Vealebowski is making his return to ball sunday night for the final game of the Lutzie Cup (game 3). My team is down 6 goals, so we will have to weave a little magic. But if I take care of my end of the floor, Lutzie and the forards can take care of theirs...

This of course barring I don't get injured again in the next 3 days.

L8er SK8er

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Now who says Lacey isnt' cool ..... ?

A picture with Dimebag Darrell's brother Vinny Paul, makes you very very cool in my books !!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lutzie Cup Playoff update, Game #2

Hey hey...Ray Ray has provided us this week's Lutzie Cup Game #2 recap.....

Lutzie Cup Playoff Update, Game # 2

Game two may have been the best LHL game of the season. The game was highlighted by great goaltending at both ends of the gym and a commitment to defense that is rarely seen or tolerated in the LHL.

For team White Will resembled a young Dominick Hasek, making numerous acrobatic saves stopping one timer after one timer from the likes of Jay, Whitney and Baker. He repeatedly turned aside John and Jimmy alone in the slot and robbed yours truly not once, not twice but thrice on what should've, in all honesty, been highlight reel goals.

At the other end of the gym Troy, as always, was strong and intimidating in the nets. He's added a poke check to his repertoire which stymied most who found their way past the Black teams iron curtain of defense. One notable exception was the league patriarch himself, Derek Lutz, who managed to fool Troy with a bantam tier 2 spin-o-rama move that Troy hadn't seen since becoming a grown up and playing with men.

"Last Goal" was called with minutes remaining however both teams strong defensive efforts forced the game into overtime. OT saw a number of great scoring chances turned aside by both tenders and a near life changing incident involving Barton's head and the south wall (he's ok). 20 minutes into the extra frame and it was the Black team mercifully ending this marathon. Said an exhausted Will afterwards "…. " nothing, he couldn't speak!

Team Black has a 6 goal lead going into next week's final but rumors have it that both Egger and Voodoo may return to the lineup for team White which may give them the added scoring and commitment to defense required to overcome the 6 goal deficit. Regardless of your allegiances this is one final you will not want to miss as it promises to be a ring-a-ding-dong-dandy.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Lutzie Cup Playoff update, Game #1

Lutzie Cup – Game 1

The LHL 09/10 playoffs kicked off Sunday night with goals, hacks, stick-tossing, a broken cup and some bruised nads. This game had it all.

Most important is scoreboard – Black won by a final score of 13-9 over the White team. Black was represented by all 6 of their team members, Jay, Ray-Ray, John, Jimmy, Baker and Whitney along with their goaltender Troy. Unfortunately for team White only 4 of their 7 squad members were on hand, meaning a long and uphill battle. White had only Lutz, Voodoo, Daigle, Will (in net) and Swanny, missing the services of Veale (back injury), Barton (Mexico) and Steve (pool tournament).

Black carrying 2 subs to White’s none proved to be a barrier too large to overcome. The White team took advantage of a number of turn-overs in the first half to keep the score close to even, but legs gave out in the second half as Will was left on his own to defend the net.

Other highlights:

Team Black’s ‘Operation Lumberjack’ proved effective in multiple hacks on Lutz. Despite being forwarded the memo prior to the game regarding Lutz’s birthday, multiple attempts to chop the Commish down were delivered to various levels of success.
Voodoo exemplified his dedication to defence by blocking a Ray-Ray one-timer with his gonads. Which resulted in a stick-toss. Which resulted in the breaking of the Holy Grail itself – the Lutzie Cup. (Swanny is working on repairs)
Team Black did its part to keep White in the game with tip-ins on their own goal provided by Ray-Ray and Whitney.

Future look:

Game 2 is set for this coming Sunday, and despite the loss team White was claiming the moral victory after the game. Jay, speaking for team Black claimed, “there are no moral victories”. In contrast White looks to add some personnel in the final 2 games that should provide a significant influence on the results and determination of who will ultimately raise (the dented) Lutzie Cup for 09/10.

Veale is out !!.......

I can't seem to shake this back pain, so I am out of the LHL playoffs, what a joke.

Well, I am at least out for the first game and maybe the second, but I am going to try and make the 3rd game.

Just a reminder, the LHL is the 'Lutzie Hockey League'. A league put together by a buddy, and we play every sunday night.
We just started the playoffs, which is a 3 game total 'goals for/goals against'.

i will get upadates and post them on the blog.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend Roundup

Happy Easter everyone !!

I went out to Brooks this past weekend and while I was there I checked out the senior men's A/AA provicials. A shout out to my man Jason Forrest who plays for the Brooks Blackhawks and works at Pure Energy for the weekend pass !! That's
How this tourny works is that is you win your first game, you go to the AA side of the bracket, and if you lose your first game, you go to the A side of the bracket. So the tournament will have a 'AA' winner and a 'A' winner.
The Brooks Blackhawks lost their first game 6-2 so that put them on the 'A' side of the bracket. They needed to win their second game to put them into the final, but came up short, losing 5-4 in overtime. Wainwright ended up winning the A side and WC Rams won the AA side.


Brokeback hockey....

As it has been documented here on the blog. I threw my back out 3 weeks ago. And since then, all i have been able to do is a little bit of swimming. Well enough is enough, and last night I made my valiant return to the LHL, to the cheers of our many fans....
Yeah, wrong choice, about 2 minutes into the game, my back went out again...what a joke, not being able to bend over and not being able to run, 2 ingredients that you need for floor hockey. You know it's bad when lutzie had this quote at beers after hockey...."Veale, I knew your back must be sore, it's the first time in 2 years i beat you one-on-one !!!". I'll tell ya, when Lutz goes around you, you know things just aren't right.


LHL playoffs start this week coming up, a 3 game series, total goals for/against. It should be a blast. I personally, will be getting accupuncture, physio, chiro, whatever I have to get done to play in the playoffs.

L8er S8er