Sunday, May 30, 2010

new duds...

With the little one on the way, I thought a couple new outfits would be in order....!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

JONO Reports On New York

I just got back from my first trip to New York with my wife. I mentioned to Blogmaster Egger that I wouldn’t want to go back. He asked why and I thought what better place to respond than as my initial post on his blog.

First off I had a good time as I always do when travelling and was glad to see all of the famous landmarks. And no I didn’t go to ground zero so quit asking. I enjoyed the freedom of jaywalking without the fear of being ticketed by some nothing better to do cop. The cops there realize that a better deterrent to crossing the street when you shouldn’t is getting hit by a car. If there are no cars coming go for it.

But one visit was enough for me and I would absolutely hate to live there. The city is too crowded and dirty. By the end of the day the garbage is piled high on the sidewalks in front of every building and is just nasty. They don’t recycle anything there. 

I couldn't easily do any of the things I love now and when growing up like boating, skiing, riding dirt bikes and skidoos, etc. Where do they have their bush parties? I love driving but I don’t think I would even own a car if I lived there. It would be too much hassle and there is no where to park. That said monthly fees for parking near time square were the same or cheaper than in my building which is stupid so fuck you Calgary. And where do they buy groceries or gas? I didn't see a grocery store or gas station anywhere in Manhattan. I picture myself being stuck in the filth and stink because I don’t have a car to leave. I’d be eating food off carts or out of dirty convenience stores because I can’t buy groceries and restaurants are too expensive.

And tipping has gotten way out of control there. Everyone seems to be hustling for a tip. How annoying. You want my wife and I to pay you $60 for lunch and you have added on a 20% tip? Plus you were a dick and there is Mexican hair in my water. You live on a different planet than me hombre.

And why do they have so many museums? Lashburn only has one museum and we’re doing fine. Seriously, it makes me sick. I honestly think that there is a direct correlation between the number of museums in a city with its populations sense self righteousness. All of the rich old people can find an actual charity to donate their money too rather than trying to create a legacy for themselves.

Plus the number of the 'gays' at the Broadway shows had me a bit disturbed. Le Cage Aux Folles? Great pick for a show honey. I was so glad to sit next to the 45 year old white bearded ‘Bear’ who was with his 22 year old Asian submissive boyfriend. Him spreading his legs as wide as possible during the entire performance to make sure we maintained solid leg contact was fun too. And as for the play’s message, I think I took something different away than most of the audience. I learned that I’d be embarrassed of you too dad if you acted like a complete faggot all the time. Not that there is anything wrong with that.....

Amateur Guest Blogger

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dinwiddie a Rider ?

I know it's good to have competition in camp, but bringing in Ryan Dinwiddie ?  This guy is terrible, talk about no arm strength.  I say we cut him and give the rookies we have in camp the backup position to Durant.  Now people are saying that he brings experience, what experience ?  He has been a backup for 3  years in the CFL, and spot duty as a starter.  He has no experience at all.  I would rather have the rookies take more snaps than him.

One more thought...If a person leaves his Xmas lights on his house during the summer, is he considered lazy ?

BBQ Pitmasters here I come ....

Take a look at my new's on four wheels and runs on propane !!

This beast is the Broil King Signet 20.  Picked it up from BBQ's Galore here in Calgary.  Got a little sauce happy with the chicken breasts, but what can you do.
I know it's not a Weber BBQ (like urty and pa have), but this will work just fine.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#2, gone.

Sad news for us maggots, Paul Gray, the bassist for Slipknot (better known as #2) has passed.  He was found dead in a hotel room, no foul play is expected.
Now the question is, do they replace him with #2 v2.0 ?  or #10 ?  we'll see i guess.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

rogues results....

Here are the results from the 10 k race wimp and I did last night..
Wimp - 1:06:39
Egger - 1:04:03
Man, I dislike running, it is just so boring, but I do it because it's good for you.
I would also like to thank my race partners from last night; James Hetfield, Kirk Hammet, Lars Ulrich, and Cliff Burton. Metallica's Kill Em All got me through the race.....nothing like a heavy man listening to heavy metal while running a 10 k..ha !!

Monday, May 24, 2010

The results are in...

Here are the results from the tri yesterday...

Wimp - 11:16
Egger - 13:41

Wimp - 41:58
Egger - 46:34

Wimp - 19:57
Egger - 19:45

Wimp - 1:13:10
Egger - 1:19:59

This was a lot of fun. For me, the swim wasn't too bad, but the bike/run was the toughest. Wimp and I were using the bike's that Ang and I bought last year, a couple cheap cruisers that we bought at Sportcheck. I can definitely see where a good road bike comes into play. During the bike, I am in my highest gear pedalling hard, and I am getting passed over and over by these people in their 'road' bikes. So by the time the bike was over, my legs were toast, so needless to say my run wasn't as good as I wanted. My legs weren't that sore, they just felt SUPER heavy while running.
A good learning experience though.
Wimp and I have already signed up for our next one, July 1 in Turner Valley.
For this one I will be renting a good road bike. We'll see if it makes a difference.

What is the best way to end off a long weekend ?? A 10 km run. Wimp and I are donig a 10 km run tonight put on by the running room. It's
I don't really care how I place, this one is mostly for exercise.

L8er SKer

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The night before....

Alright, tomorrow is the tri, and wimp and I are ready to go !! We had an hour orientation today about how to transition from the water, to the bike, to the run. We're jacked !! Lindsay and I even went out and bought a couple tri outfits. Don't know if it will help at all, but at least we'll look good, or at least wimp will.
I will post the results tomorrow after the event.

Monday, May 17, 2010

an evening with a pig, again .......

Those of you who read my other post located here are going to be glad about the 2nd version

So this past Friday night, my sister and I once again checked out SNFU at the Distillery. First off, the distillery is a cool venue to watch a band play, above the dance floor they have this dome shaped ceiling, not sure exactly what it's for but it looks cool.
Upon paying our $15 cover charge (which I still owe you wimp), we get our stamps to 'officially' grant us access to the venue. Nothing like walking around the joint with a great big "F*CK YOU' stamped on your wrist.
I swear, Chi Pig has AIDS, the guy must only weigh 70 pounds. i noticed a new drummer this time around, as the original drummer from '85 has rejoined the band, other than that it was the same crew.
I have seen SNFU 5 times over the past 3 years, and each time they start off with the same song "I forget", great song !!!
After an hour and a half sing-a-long, it was time to leave. I was tempted to buy more stickers and shirts, but i figured I loaded up enough from the last show.
What would be the icing on the cake to end the evening?? You guessed it, a picture with the pig himself. So I tracked him down by the merchandise table to which I said "excuse me Mr. Pig, can I get my picture taken with you..."
Good times I tell ya.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thank you...Thank you very much !!!

Here is a few pics of my boy G-Dog on his stag a few weeks back in Vegas.
Too bad I couldn't make it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My bro just sent this to me....if you were at his wedding, I did a little speech on this...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

2 movie reviews....

Rented 2 movies on the weekend, Precious and 'The Boondock Saints II'.

Precious..(about a girl 'precious', who was sexually abused by her father and physically and mentally abused by her mother, and how precious prevailed.)it was a decent show and nothing more. The acting is pretty good and the storyline is good, but was it worth all the awards it got at the Oscars, no.

The Boondock Saints II...Now I was completely jacked to see this little gem on the movie shelf saturday night. I loved the first one and was hoping the second one would be the same. (movie is about 2 brothers and their father, who are vigilantes, go around and kill all the bad guys, great show)
Now I realize the budget for this show isn't the highest, but c'mon, it shouldn't prevent the acting to be so brutal (by some actors). There was dumb acting in this, cheesy jokes, and some terrible ideas. Amongst all the negativity I have about this show, I still liked it, same plot as the first, and it is left wide open for BDS III. I just hope part III is better than part II.

L8er SK8er


7 minutes and 47 seconds, that's how it took me too prepare, and eat my kraft dinner meal...I haven't had KD in years but decided to splurge, man, I have been missing out. As you can see, the before and after pictures....

Full Tri Training Back On !!!!

Started back at my triathlon training, fully, for the first time in 7 weeks.

As I have mentioned on here before, I threw my back out almost 2 months ago haven't been able to run since, but I have been swimming and biking a little bit.

So my sis and I decided to have a 'mock' tri on Saturday. We both went to the YMCA, swam about 700meters, biked 16km, and ran 3 km, and my back actually held up. It is not 100% but at least I can now start running again.

The race is in 3 weeks, so I have a lot of catch-up work to do.