Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The calm before the storm...

I have officially stopped training as of this morning.  That gives me about 48 hours to 'relax' before the tri on Thursday.  Wimp and I took the road bikes out for a long bike last night.  Maybe it's because I don't ride bikes, or because this was my 3rd day in a row, or a combination of both, but does my ass hurt.  Man, I was glad to be done the ride last night, my but is sore from the last 3 days.  Now I know what Sheldon Kennedy felt like on his first date with Graham James.

How do I feel about the event coming up ?

swimming -  If i base it on today's session in the pool, I will be drowning on Thursday, today was terrible.  But all in all, probably the same as my last tri.

biking - I will be better this time.  Better biking shape and a better bike.

running - should be better here.  Did a couple 10 k races since the last tri, and my legs should be stronger, but who the heck knows.

Once again, I am setting my goals very high, my goal is not to come in last place for my age category, and to beat wimp.

Anyone else jacked for the riders season opener on Thursday ?  I am, Grey Cup rematch.  I am anxious to see if we get flagged at any point throughout the game for too many men on the field.

I am out !!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

RIP Grandpa

Grandpa passed away on Sunday (my mom's dad).  Funeral is friday in Weyburn.

Eddie and the Cruisers ????

Now way dude, Eddie and IRON MAIDEN !!!!!

Me and Sembal checked out the Iron Maiden show last night at the dome.  Dream Theatre opened up for them, and since Sembal and I hate Dream Theatre, we went late to the show to only see Maiden.  A little background on Sembal, he's been a friend for probably 20-25 years, and he is a metal head like myself, so when these bands come to town, him and I like to check them out.  Now he is a bit of a bigger man, and when we go to these shows, most of the t-shirts don't fit him, he'll buy the XXL, but still it won't fit.  So upon getting to the Saddledome, we see an Iron Maiden merchandise booth.  Sembal turns to me and says "Egger, if they don't have XXXL, I am not buying".  So the first question we asked them was if they had XXXL, and their answer was 'yes'.  Sembal and I look at each other and say 'f*cking rights'.  So he bought a shirt and so did I.  (mind you, getting there later on, the t-shirts were picked over, so we couldn't get the ones we wanted because they were sold out, but we went with our second choices).

The show was really good.  Now, they didn't play a lot of their hits that you would hear on the radio, but all in all, the was great !!  And Eddie made and appearance on stage at the end of the show. 

Here is Bruce Dikinson belting out the hits.  Wow, what energy this dude has, running all over the stage the whole night.

There Eddie making an appearance...

What a difference

So wimp and I tried out the road this past weekend, and what a difference.  These bikes are way lighter, the tires are a lot skinnier, and it made for riding the roads.
We headed down south of 22X and found some roads to play with.  I can definitely see this making a huge difference in any race.  Now, this doesn't mean that I WILL do better, it just means that the potential to do better is there.  I have a few more days of training, then I am going to take Wednesday off, and the tri on Thursday !!!
Slowly but surely, soccer is inching closer to being finished...only a few more weeks...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Free Fact Fridays...

Every friday I will now be implementing 'Free Fact Fridays.."
One gift Ang and I got was a daily calendar called 'the daily poo'. It is quite hilarious.  I will  share each friday one of my favorite excerpt's every friday.

Today's daily's dump..

Dutch Oven
Humans are known to flatulate during sleep, largely due to the relaxed state of body muscles (including the anal sphincter), which results in the average person farting about 5 to 10 times during any given night.  When someone who is lying awake in bed farts under the sheets, then pulls the sheets over the head of their unsuspecting partner, it is called giving them a "Dutch Oven".


So the Oil drafted Taylor Hall today, which I think is the right pick.  I don't really think it's a strong draft this year, but a first overall pick shouldn't hurt.  I just hope he's not the next Alexander Daigle.

Wimp and I rented a couple road bikes last night.  Since we have our next tri on July 1, we figure using a good bike will be a good idea this time.  Man, what a difference.  This thing is super light, and shifting the gears is completely different than my mountains bike.  It is a little less comfortable, but I should be able to fly.  Gonna take it out tomorrow for a long ride...now I just need to find a good road.


So check this out...I sat at home this week for 11 hours and watched paint dry.....oh sorry, that was a tennis match at Wimbledon..did anyone see this..it was crazy.

alright, i am out. !!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Where did you catch that fish.."? ............."In the mouth !! "

First off, to the guy that stole my sirius satellite radio out of my car, I hope I catch you next time and beat the piss out of you.  Sirius.   ( I will be using this word a few times..)

Urty has provided me with a few pics from his fishing trip.  This first pic looks like a good fishing day if you ask me, we got some jack, pickerel, and perch.  After this day I asked Urty, "You couldn't have caught all of these in a couple hours.."  Urty's response ?  "Sirius"

Here is the crew that went this year, Tommy "The Perch"  Veale, Uncle Ron "The Jack Killer", Urty 'i hide fish in my shirt' Veale.  (that is really his nickname, sirius)

Urty-Jack.  I think that will be his new nickname.  But don't confuse him for Willy Jak from the Dayglo Abortions.  Sirius.

Open up and say "SNFU" !!!

Siriusly, who brought Eddie from Iron Maiden on this fishing trip ?

This looks like the dune buggy the Legend was driving during Mouse's stag...haha.  Not exactly sure why this dune buggy was on the shore at a fishing camp,

I'll be joining the crew again next year, I had to take this year off, siriusly.

Monday, June 21, 2010

guard and protect your heart....

Have I mentioned allready how much I hate running ?  Wimp and I did our 10 k run yesterday, the first 5km was good, but the last 5k was a disaster.  I had to stop numerous times, my legs were heavy, just overall brutality.  I had never felt more disgusted in my life, crossing that finish line had to be the happiest day of my life.  I believe I was about a hour and six minutes, worse than my other race.  Back to training I guess.

Speaking of which, wimp and I pick up our road bike rentals Thursday night, we figure if we want to improve in our tri on July 1, we need better machinery.  We are renting them for the week, so we can get a good feel for them.

Holy sh*t.  That described the weather at the rider game yesterday, and how the rider played.  It was hot...I am not complaining, but one soon forgets how many ice cold beer one can drink on a hot afternoon.  By the looks of things, the riders were drinking too.  Have you ever seen more offside penalties in your life?  I am just glad it was preseason.  I have attached a couple pics from the game.

And finally, I'll admit, for the first time ever, I have been watching the bachelorette.  Has anyone else?  Man, is that Kacey guy a freakshow.  At last count, I think I heard him say "I am here to guard and protect your heart" at least 20 times.  And the tattoo on his wrist, give me a break.  It's almost as bad as getting a 'who's your daddy tattoo' on your upper back...hold on...what the ???

Here is my better half with her new rider shirt !!!!

The usual suspects.  Osato, Wimp, Egger, Gong

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another day...another 10 K. Happy father's day everyone

Happy father's day to all the dad's out there. 
Today, wimp and I are running in the 'loops for the troops' 10 km run today.  We will be following that with going to the preseason game of the stamps vs. the riders here in calgary.  The weather is supposed to be good, let's hope we can smash the stamps !!!
Is the world cup over yet ??  Basketball ended last week, let's hope soccer is soon after.
I'll check back in later on today.
L8er SK8er

Friday, June 18, 2010

Congrats Lakers

Congratulations to the L.A. Lakers for winning the NBA championship last night....I am not really happy for the Lakers, I am just happy the NBA is over for another season...finally !!

Last I checked...I believe the last scoring drive went like this...Kobe inbounds the ball the James Worthy, Worthy takes it up the court and dishes to Magic Johnson.  Magic pulls a spin move on Larry Bird and dishes over to Kareem Abdul Jabaar.  Kareem with his patent 'sky hook' over a guarding Robert Parrish, and the winning basket is scored !!!  And Paula Abdul is cheering frantically with all the other Laker cheerleaders...


Fishing humor...and Urty from Otter part 2

So I was talking to Urty yesterday, and they said they had a great day fishing...he said they caught lots and some really good sized pickerel too.  If any of you have ever been to Missinipi, the lake is massive, you could very very easily get lost out there, so if you find a good place and the fish are hitting, you stay there.  He told me they never kept anything under 17'' (which is a really good sized pickerel).  I was like "holy smokes...that's awesome !!  Where did you catch those fish ?"
To which Urty responded "In the mouth.."  Funny guy I tell ya.

Another post form Urty..

Rockin the rattler part 2. Went back to rattler and had a ton of fun, it was a good day....caught lots of nice size walleye, then we hit a few bays on the way back and caught some perch and some nice sized jackfish. Only one day of fishing left.....good times. Curtis

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Urty from Otter....

Urty is participating in our annual fishing trip this up at Missinipi (Otter Lake).  I wasn't able to make it this year, so i am having Urty provide us with some updates from up north.

Rockin and Rollin today @ Rattler Bay.
One word describes the first few days of the fishing trip...SLOW or as one local says "we found a secret place to fish, its so secret, even the fish don't know about it!"We have been catching lots of jacks, but small in size, and we've spent numerous hours on the lake trying to catch pickerel. We have caught enough pickerel for a few suppers, but we now want some nice ones to take home......... That was until today, Rattler Bay was opened to the public and the pickerel were hitting like crazy. When we left at 1pm or so, we counted 20 boats in Rattler Bay. Rattler Bay is where the pickerel spawn, so the action is good. Anywho, the fishing is good (two full days left) the wobbly pops are going down in record numbers, and the weather has been awesome. However, black flies, sand flies, "no-see-ems", and to a lesser extent mosquitos are biting like crazy, so we will have some 'souvenirs' of our trip when we get home. Later.
 Italo Labignan

Monday, June 14, 2010

A few pics

I managed to track down a few pics from the 'Try-a-Tri' wimp and i did just over a month ago..

Here is Michael Phelps starting his swim.

Right now I am thinking, "Are the Oil going to draft Hall or Seguin"

Here comes Lance Armstrong during the bike

Going into the transition

Legs are wobbly as sh*t, getting ready for the run

finishing the race (i didn't come in last place, achieved my goal)

Wimp breaking the speed limit

Wimp going into transition

Wimp tripping over her shoelace at the beginning of her run

Wimp finishing...the best part of this picture is the gal passing here with 0.5 seconds left...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Chase Is On.....

Yesterday, wimp and I participated in the Mitsubishi City Chase here is Calgary, and it was a blast.
For those of you that haven't done this before, I highly recommend it, it is pretty much like the amazing race.  With over 550 teams this year, it was a big turn out.
There is a total of 35 different events, but you are only required to do 10.
Different events include...wall climbing, running the stairs of the Calgary tower, eating bull nut's, eating crickets, having snakes and tarantula's crawl over you, pole dancing..and so on and so on....
This is the second year wimp and I entered the race, our time was worse this year, but our placement was better.  We finished about 120th out of 550 teams.  I can't wait for next year, this race is a ton of fun, and trust me, you have to be in good shape for it (If you want to crack the top 25).

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Mouse Got Married

The Horse has graciously provided us the summary of Mouse's wedding.  Here it is, straight from the horse's mouth.....

I’ve been to the Rat Pack weddings and they’ve all been great. Some of the best times I can’t remember. Dave’s was no exception. It started out as most do, with the rehearsal on Friday night. In this picture are the groomsmen, from left to right Biffer, Egger, Marko, Bill, and Dave. The Groom is either giving directions or just realized that he picked the wrong guys.

After the rehearsal Anna and Dave invited family and friends to O’Byrne’s pub. It was business as usual for the Mouse. Thanks for the tasty beverages on your tab, Dave!
The next morning Mouse, Egger and I went down to the reception hall located at Fort Edmonton Park to set up for the evening. It is an excellent venue for this sort of event and I would recommend it to anyone. The facility was a rustic old barn on the outside where you enter through some barn doors and turn right up a narrow staircase to the upper level. By the time we arrived the DJ was setting up and the place looked good. The upper floor was about 2000 square feet and comfortably hosted about 100 guests.

We (the groom and groomsmen) arrived at Dave’s house prior to the wedding to get ready and to get some pictures taken. Mouse gave each groomsman a special NHL jersey. They were incredible. There was also some discussion as to whether or not it would be a good idea to wear them to the ceremony! Why not, Dave’s been in the doghouse before!

We drove in a Cadillac to the church with AC/DC’s Shoot to Thrill blasting from the stereo and arrived at the church on time. It was truly classic mouse driving…sardining us between the minister’s car and a tree…we barely peeled out of the Caddy.

After dusting each other’s tuxes off from the dirt rubbed on them from the minister’s car we headed into the church. No surprises, the groom paced back and forth anxiously awaiting his bride and hoping that the ceremony would go as planned. It did. The ceremony was incredible and so was the live bagpipe serenade.

We packed back into the Caddy and off we went to have the traditional wedding pictures taken.

The reception was perfect. It was a relatively relaxed program that included all of the traditional speeches. The meal was very tasty and so were the beverages! Thanks again Anna and Dave! The party started when the DJ spun some vinyl with a great mix of tunes. For some reason there was lots more KISS, AC/DC and Brittany played than at most weddings…but what the if you seek Amy. We wanted the best and we got it. At the end of the night the DJ was done, almost. They say money can’t buy happiness, but it bought us an extra hour of rock! And I must say that I’ve never seen a two-six and a 40 bottle bought with drink tokens before! It was a great end to one of the best days I’ve had. Hopefully groomsmen Bill and Dave didn’t tear their tuxedos climbing over the barbed wire fence.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mr Sloan likes hot babes..

I'll tell ya, going to Vegas for mouse's stag really brings out the hot babes. Up and down the street constantly, all night long. Every time we noticed them, Ray Ray would say "egger, hot babes, hot babes". I was going to go talk to them, but by the time I got close, they were farther down the strip...

We were actually able to snap a picture of these 'hot babes', take a look !!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

back at training....

okay, it's been just over 2 weeks since wimp and i did our tri and 10 k race.  Since then, i have swam twice, ran once and biked once.  Considering our next tri is on July 1, the training is starting back up, big time !!
The many fans of the blog have wondered why I haven't updated this bad boy in over a week, so I will now try my best to update this more often.
Congrats to G-Dog and Mouse who had their respective weddings this past weekend.  G-Dog was in Banff and Mouse in Edmonton.  I attended the one in the City of Champions.  It was a blast, I'll post some pics of the festivities ...

That's it for now !!!