Friday, July 30, 2010

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Today's daily dump

Coffee Break

Although no medical studies support their use, coffee enemas are widely touted as having both mental and physical health benefits.  Supporters claim that the caffeine is absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream when given as an enema because the rectal veins are close to the tissue surface.  This apparently delivers a more potent coffee buzz and a more forceful kick-start to your GI tract.  The downside?  You have to take it black.  Flavored coffee, creamers, and sweeteners are all enema no-nos.  I guess once you go black, you never go back !!


It's been a slow week for blogging, I was in Flin Flon for a wedding last weekend and then followed that up with work in Lanigan SK all week.  I was busy in the evenings too so the blog wasn't update.  If anyone ever goes to Flin Flon, you have to go to Baker's Narrows.  This is where the wedding was.  This place is great, the cabins that we rented we nice, they are situated in the trees so you can get shade during the day, but still have you camp fires at night.  You can do your fishing, golf, and beach activities also, I highly recommend this place.

At my cousin's wedding, I came across something I have never seen before, cowboy poetry.  The grooms side of the family are known for this, and throughout the night, they would take turns on the mic reciting historical and made up poems, it was really neat !!

Now, for those of you that have been to our cabin at Turtle Lake, and if you have golfed with me at Blueberry Hill golf course, do you remember paying for green fees and there was that fella in the overalls that owned the place ?  Well, he's the father of the groom.  So it was him and his brothers doing the cowboys poetry,  It was a fun wedding.


Training is back on.  I didn't have time for tri training the past 3 days with being busy with out of town work, so I am starting it back up again today.  I have one week before my tri in Sundre AB.


I also signed up for a 10k race in Edmonton in 2 weeks.  I also managed to get Mouse and Horse to sign up also.  So it will be us 3 racing in a couple weeks


Out !!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Free Fact Fridays...

Today's Daily Dump.

Round Two

Sometimes you finish defecating, wipe, pull up your pants, flush the toilet, and suddenly feel the need to sit back down on the toilet for Round Two.  This most ofter occurs as a result of a normal physiologic process called the MMC, or migrating motor complex.  Occurring at 90-minute intervals, the MMC is a massive sweeping motion of the colon that quickly propels stool downstream (picture a huge tidal wave crashing ashore).  If one of these waves happens to "refill" the rectum after you thought you'd finished the deed, there's nothing to do but release the second edition.  On the bright side, at least the toilet seat will be warm.


Big Rider game on saturday, I will not be at it, as I have a wedding to attend, but I will definently be tuning in somehow..


Has anyone checked out all the new Old Spice commercials on YouTube, man those are funny.  With the new ones, the old Spice dude answer questions from people, hilarious.
This is my favorite.

I love this one too...

And finally this one..

Have a good weekend dudes !!!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gotcha Bocce

The Brooks Bulletin
July 17, 2010
Press Release time 8:45pm

What a series it was, could it get any better ?
For those of you in and around the Brooks area, you missed a dandy.
What I am talking about was the game of Bocce Ball played at Lake Newell this past Saturday with Rick "I invented this game" Emond, and Pete "These balls are heavy" Ball, VS Scott "One beer One ball" Hipfner, and Craig "Air bomber" Veale.
Let's set the mood a little bit, calm, peaceful evening, with the scent of beer in the air, (sorry, that was the beer I spilled in my pocket).
Rick and Pete just finished dismantling their opposition in their previous outing, so the bragging had already started, yes, it had already started.
With Scott and I in full relaxation mode after supper, a challenge was brought upon us to 'take on' the champions.
After having consumed a couple Mountain Fresh Rainier beer, we decided to play.

It was decided to play the best of 3, with games to 10.

Things didn't get off on the right foot, instantly 'One Ball One Beer' and I were down 6-0 to the champs.  Not sure if it was the O'Doule's that Rick was drinking, but the trash talking was extensive.  I am not sure about Scott, but 'just quietly' i was crying on the inside.

But things started to come around, with a 3 ender and a 2 ender, we were right back in the game, at which time Rick and Pete started to get a little nervous....i could see it !!

This was a heated battle, shot for shot, beer for beer, it was on.  If you can believe, Scott and I came  out the winner of game one with a 10-9 final score.

Scotty and I barley had time to consume our victory Rainier beer when Pete yelled out "Game 2..."

Fair enough I guess, a true sign of a winner is someone that can beat a loser twice.

This game was unique, with the majority of it played in and around the beach at Lake Newell.  So strategy was a huge part of this game.  'should i roll the ball, should i air-bomb it in' ?, tons to think about.

With the confidence of a team that just beat the champs, Scott and I got out to a 6-0 lead.  When a team is oozing with confidence, nothing can seem to stop them.  The quote of the game was when Scott said to Rick and Pete, 'maybe you two should focus on designing bocce ball course's as opposed to playing bocce'

This lit a fire under Rick, and the game took a turn for the worse......actually it didn't, it just sounded good.

The final score...The good guys 10, the losers 3.  You read that right, we won 2 games to nothing.  The new champs of Lake Newell. !!!!!

Nothing beats sitting around a camp fire all night giving bocce advice and instructions to the 'losers' and anyone else that would listen.

But really, this game is easy, so easy in fact that Scott and I are thinking about releasing instructional video on 'how to perfect your bocce'.
These series will be called 'gotcha bocce', and the first one is due out by xmas.  There is rumor's that it already has been leaked on You Tube.

Scott and I will be starting out world Bocce tour come next spring.

We would like to thank our sponsor for the Evening, Rainier Beer, always mountain fresh !!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Separated at Birth ?!?!

Here is a picture of the Legend and Rob Hallford from Judas Priest.  Which is which ?

Here are a few more pics from the 80's metal Karaoke party.
Here we have Brett Michaels and Bruce Dickinson belting out a tune.

This must be a KISS song, if Brett, Bruce, and Slash are singing it.

Rob serenading us with a love song.

Slash and Brett back up for their encore song

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dweeb from the Coast !!

My  main manible Dweeber has provided us today's 'guest blog' from out west in Victoria.

Workplace Gambling...

With the CFL season well underway, and the Riders off to a 3-0 start I have been able to begin the workplace gambling season with a few wins.

A little bit of background on the stakes, odds and other variables with the current situation. As a man who was born and raised in Saskatchewan who has moved to British Columbia over a year ago I need to start winning now to carry me through the upcoming hockey season. Working at Costco Wholesale gives me access to more than one sucker to take me up on workplace wagers. The stakes involved in our workplace include the infamous Costco hot dog, ice cream, and cheeseburgers. Let's rewind to last week when the Riders were playing the Lions. In my mind, I was always going to take the riders to win straight up(meaning no points were needed in case the Riders lost but made it close). Generally when Vegas gives odds they will make one team the favorite and the other team the underdog. Quite often when the teams are evenly matched they will give the home team the advantage. So we have one hardcore BC Lions fan in our department who is always chirping about how good he thinks the Lions are(same kind of thing goes on in hockey season with the Canuckleheads). So, the day before the big game he offers to bet a hot dog on it and the game has begun, how can I take this guy for more than a hot dog? After making the initial bet I tell him that because the game is being held in BC that maybe he should give me 3.5 points just to be fair but since we had already made the bet it wouldn't be fair to him to change the odds. Then I tell him I am so confident in the Riders that I will bet a cheeseburger on the game, he took the bait. I like to think I laid a small trap by asking for points because I wasn't confident in the Riders being able to win on the road. Ok, that probably wasn't the case, he was probably thinking the Lions would win and he would be eating for free one day(sucker). Fast forward to this week, he tried to take the Riders to win and give me 7 points. I should have taken him up on his wager, but I refused thinking the Riders would have no trouble beating the Eskimos by at least 14. This week he also wanted to bet on the Blue Bombers/Ti-cats game, he was confident the Bombers would win. The wager this week would be a swirl ice cream cone. I jumped on his offer thinking I am already ahead 1 burger maybe he can win an ice cream back and he will be ripe for losing another burger next week. Also knowing the game was in Hamilton and as stated before when two teams are evenly matched the advantage goes to the home team. Instead of greasing him up for next week, he is now on tilt, making bets he wouldn't normally make and I'll have him calling the gambling addictions hotline in no time!

I need to make hay while the sun shines as hockey season is right around the corner and Oiler-Canucklehead games may cost me several hot dogs. I will be asking for 2 goals when the Oilers come to Vancouver and only 1 goal when the Oilers are at home.

Go Riders,


Friday, July 16, 2010

Free Fact Friday...

Today's Daily Dump.

Sometime You Hit the Bottle;  Sometimes the Bottle Hits You

A D.A.D.S is a Day-after-Drinking Stool.  After a long night of partying, you may awake the next day with a hangover and an unsettled stomach.  A D.A.D.S. ofter comes in a semisolid state, and sometimes is accompanied by stomach discomfort.  The more you drank the night before, the more D.A.D.S you need to eliminate to start feeling better.  Usually your second D.A.D.S of the day signifies that your recovery is well under way.


Anyone see the 'beer snake' at the bombers game last week ?  If you didn't, check out this YouTube clip.  I think it is pretty cool, but I could see why people complained, because everyone was throwing cups in their direction to 'add to the snake', and some of these cups were hitting people, some still had beer in them, regardless, it's pretty cool.


Possibly my last tri of the summer will by August 7th in Sundre Alberta.  The distances for this one are a 750m swim, 20 km bike, and 5 km run.
The bike and the run are the same as my other one, but the swim is 250m more than what I have done.  So i really need to improve my swimming in the next 3 weeks.


Big Rider game Saturday against the Esks.  I would to start the season 3-0.  The biggest thing about this game is that the riders are wearing their 100 year anniversary jersey, but this jersey will be black and red.  It will be interesting to see the Riders play, without having any green on.


Let's hope Tiger can get his first victory at the British open this weekend, the guy blasted a few dirties, and hasn't quite found his game since, let's hope he does this weekend.

Have a good weekend everyone !!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Love it !!

I've got to give a shout out to my man Rod Pedersen, the Rider play by play man on the radio.  (The best play by play man I might add).

After mentioning on my blog about how I shut the rider home opener off when the riders were losing in the 3rd quarter, only to find out they came back to win the game, Rod sent me this link with the game highlights.

Thanks Rod !!


So for the past few days I have been working in Nisku (just south of Edmonton), and when it came to find a place to stay, I found a place called the Crystal Star Hotel.  They advertise rooms for $89 per night.  I figured it can't be that bad and the price is right. 
Upon walking into this place, you can tell it's a little different that the other hotels.  The hotel is completely retro !!  From the funky furniture and paint, to the cycadelic rug, this place had it all.  This hotel is 1.5 years old, but it looks like it is from the 70's.
As for the hotel itself, I was pleasantly surprised.  Each room has a 50 inch flat screen TV along with it own DVD player.   They also had free high speed Internet in each room so I was good to go.  Every room here has a fireplace, which I find odd, but maybe it's a good selling point.  Though, a couple things I did find odd were that there was no clock in the room, so you didn't know what time it was and there was only 1 electrical outlet to plug your laptop into.  For $89, this place is a bargain compared to the other hotels in the area, and they start at $40 more per night.  I have attached some pics from this place.

This is the carpet in my hotel room

This is a chair in my room.  Just a quick note about my room, the walls are painted a 'peach' colour, and my door is painted orange.

Here is my fireplace with the red and white tile around it

This is the carpet that greets you when you walk into the hotel

Check out the wall pillars in the lobby, with the blue circle lights in them.  This hotel should have been in Vegas !

A couch in the lobby so you can relax

The eating area for your continental breakfasts.

I also found out that if you get the 'suite' in this hotel, it comes with a bed in the middle of the room, and the bed rotates in a circle, with the big clamshell-like  covering that hangs over top of the bed, and it comes with a hot tub.

L8er Sk8er

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

weekend roundup

Soccer is over....finally !!  I actually tuned into the game at moments, just to see what it would be like, and man was it boring.  Seriously, the game immensely boring and the amount of 'dramatic diving' in this sport just makes me sick.

Off to better things.  Ended up having some people over on Saturday for a get-together, and a Karaoke machine was rented.  We dubbed this get together 80's metal, and a few of us dressed up.
The Legend was a spitting image of Rob Hallford of Judas Priest, seriously, you wouldn't be able to tell them apart.
Horse came as Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden.  When Maiden played in Alberta, Bruce wore a toque, with a shirt that said 'psych ward' on it, along with camo pants.  Horse got a 'psych ward' t-shirt made up, and wore a toque and camo shorts.
I went as Brett Michaels.  First with a cowboy hat, and then without.  I supported the leather pants and vest, with the handcuffs and dog chains to make me look 'metal'
Mouse was the only one with a 'costume change'  First he was a Steven Pearcy lookalike (lead singer of RATT), and he supported a blonde wig, taking after Dee Snider of Twisted Sister.
Wimp came dressed as Courtney Love.  The white dress and the bright red lipstick.

We rocked out from about 4-7pm, and then took a 4 hour break for supper and then to watch the rider game.

Just a note here, the next Karaoke party won't on the same evening as a Rider game.  The singing and good times were hitting a high, and but then sitting down for 4 hours kind of took the wind out of our sails.  The party continued after but just not with the same steam it had earlier.

Sunday was a good relaxation day.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Free Fact Fridays...

Today's Daily Dump.

S.B.D. Explained
The S.B.D. (Silent but Deadly) is proof that while one can often guess the volume of an impending fart, its odor can be infuriatingly unpredictable.  In fact, a fart's toxicity has surprisingly little to do with its volume and everything to do with the amount of hydrogen sulfide.  The notorious gas methane, it turns out, is not the main cause of vile-smelling flatus.  Hydrogen sulfide is the ingredient that lends flatus its distinctive, eggy aroma.  This gas is formed when bacteria ferment raffinose, a particularly potent carbohydrate found in Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and other flatus-causing plant-based products.


I actually drank one ot these yesterday.  Does this officially make me a 'pussy' and will my friends start referring to me as the 'american twin' ??

Editor's Note:  This tasted damn good !!
Also, this beer can be bought in Canada, so I don't feel so bad.
Lastly, the beer was given to me by Seiji, so I had to drink it.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Party like it's 1980

So after Mouse's wedding I decided to hold a bit of a shaker at my pad, the weekend that was decided was July 10, in a couple days.  To add some fun to it, I am renting a Karaoke machine, and we are dubbing the party an 80's metal party.  So you have to come dressed up like some 80's band member.
Rumor has it, Horse is coming as Bruce Dickinson, Wade is coming as Rob Hallford, I am going as Brett Michaels, and Mouse is going as a hybrid Brett Michaels/Slash.
We'll find out what everyone else is dressed like on saturday.

Ray Ray probably won't come with a costume, so he can be our roadie.


A couple more days and the FIFA world cup is over, anyone else excited ?


I won't mention much about basketball on this blog, but I am sure the Heat Fans are going crazy now that wade, james, and bosh will be teammates this year.  I predict one of them will come down with a season ending injury at the beginning of the year.  Let's hope.


some pics from the turner valley tri

Here I am leaving the swimming area on my way to the transition.  I am allready exhausted and fatigued at this point

Here is wimp leaving the pool and on the way to the transition

Here is wimp leaving the trasition with her wheels

Here I am crossing the finish line.  I was completely dead after this.

Here is wimp finishing up her race

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tri results...

The results are in...there was 186 people that did this tri.

Total Time was 1 hour 36 minutes.
Swim 11:14
Bike 51:48
Run 33:35

Total Time was 1 hour 39 minutes.
Swim 13:53
Bike 54:32
Run 31:13
She got me again.  It was tough this go around, the bikes made a HUGE difference.  My swimming at this event wasn't very good.  I couldn't get my breathing down pat, and that threw off everything.  Coming out of the pool, I was dead and because of that I took my time in the transition.  The bike was literally 10km uphill, and then 10km downhill.  Holy Cow, was the wind blowing hard during the bike.
Once back in transition after the bike, my legs were toast, and now i had 5 k to run.  This 5 k was very very hard for me, I was very glad when i crossed the finish line.
Now I need to decide if I will do the tri in Sundre Alberta on August 7.  The swim is an extra 250m and that is a struggling point for me, but I think I will give it a shot.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Free Fact Friday...

Today's daily dump....

Silent But Deadly.

We've all been there.  Thirty minutes into the post lunch staff meeting you begin to feel the rumblings of impending flatulence.  Confident in your ability to release this air bolus in a covert fashion, you decide to liberate a small, seemingly harmless waft of air right there in the boardroom.  Several seconds later, you realize this ephemeral emission has taken on the aroma of a toxic waste dump.  To survive the situation, quickly mumble to your neighbor, "Aw, man...who cut the cheese?"  lest you be identified as the source of this most atrocious atmospheric contribution.


I know I will be shot for this one.  So on my was to Weyburn yesterday, Ang and I are listening to the rider game on the radio.  The game wasn't going so well in the first half but I was optimistic for the second half.  So I am listening to the 3rd quarter, and when the Al's run back a kickoff for 118 yard touchdown, I was livid, to the point where I shut off the radio and turned on my satellite radio.  So about 1.5 hours late, I get a text from my sister saying "what a game eh..?" 
I am thinking to myself, "what the heck is she talking about?"  So I quickly turn the radio back on the find out that we came back and won 53-51 in double overtime.  I can't believe it.  I still haven't seen highlights of the game, so I may have to download the podcast for it.  What a joke.  One of the best games in CFL history and I missed it.

Out !!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

You can't be Sirius

Got the new unit in the mail yesterday.  I'll get it up and working in my car in the next couple days.  This one has a couple more features than my other one, so I am anxious to try them out.

Really, how cool is this pic ?  These are 2 office buidlings in Regina, and to commemorate the riders 100 anniversary, they have rider logo's on them.  Big game today !!


Race day today.  Wimp and I are off to Turner Valley this morning for our tri.  Hopefully the weather is good and hopefully I do good, but who knows.  For me, it will be a great day for listening to the radio, after the tri, I am going to weburn sk.  That will be about a 9 hour trip, but I get to listen to all the free agent signings on the radio all day today (1st day of NHL free agency), and then when that is over, I can listen to the rider game.
have you seen this video clip ?  it's hilarious.

L8er SK8er