Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Metal Continued...

here is the monday morning metal from yesterday.

Mike Meyer of the Phoenix New Times recently conducted an interview with SOULDLY/CAVALERA CONSPIRACY mainman Max Cavalera. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Phoenix New Times: Next year will mark the 25th anniversary of SEPULTURA's debut album, "Morbid Visions". You're probably sick to death of this question, but will we ever see a reunion of the original lineup?

Max: That's something I don't know. That's a hard one. A lot of people ask me that, and sometimes I feel optimistic. I convinced Igor [Max's brother and former SEPULTURA drummer Igor Cavalera] to do it, 'cause he didn't want to have anything to do with those guys [bassist Paulo Jr. and guitarist Andreas Kisser] ever again. I convinced him to do it for me, and he said he'd do it for me if that was the case, but the other two guys, it's kinda hard. They're still trapped in an old mindset, so it's just something that's gonna have to wait. I mean, it would have been cool to do it next year. There's a lot of cool offers for us around the world. People want to see that reunion, so I just kinda wait and see. In the meantime, I'm super busy with both bands. SOULFLY is going to Israel and China and Australia next month, and I'm going to Brazil with CAVALERA CONSPIRACY for a huge festival in Sao Paulo. So I'm pretty busy with both bands anyway, so I just kinda wait. If that happens, it's cool. If it doesn't, it's still cool. I'm busy anyway.

Now that would cool if it happened, I am a huge Sepultura fan.


For those Sebastian Bach and G&R fans...

Former SKID ROW frontman Sebastian Bach will support GUNS N' ROSES on a U.K. tour in October. The dates are as follows:

Oct. 13 - London, UK - O2 Arena

Oct. 14 - London, UK - O2 Arena

Oct. 15 - Warwickshire, UK - Leamington Assembly Hall *

Oct. 17 - Birmingham, UK - LG Arena

Oct. 18 - Manchester, UK - MEN Arena


According to TMZ.com, legendary guitarist Slash (real name: Saul Hudson) has filed for divorce from his wife of nine years, Perla Ferrar. Slash cites irreconcilable differences. Slash and Perla have two boys, aged 6 and 8.

Court documents, which can be viewed at this location (PDF file), indicate the former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist is asking for joint physical and legal custody and is willing to pay spousal support. There is no prenuptial agreement.

The couple was married in October 2001. Slash lists the date of separation as July 15, 2010.

Slash was previously married to actress Renee Suran. They ended their five-year union in 1997.


On another note...looks like Kat Von D and Jesse James are an item now..Jesse likes his inked women, that's for sure...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Well that was disgusting...I am talking about the rider game.  Losing 17-14 to the Esks is a joke.  My thoughts on the game.
  • defense played well, especially Patrick with 3 picks
  • Dorsey needs to be released.  He is terrible.  I know our blocking on special teams is the worst in the league, but with the amount we are paying dorsey, he needs to find a seam, or use his speed or something, he is terrible.  Get rid of him and have hugh charles return kicks.  Dorsey doesn't even look fast anymore
  • Durant was terrible.  Is it me, or has he been really bad the last 5 games ?  I have said it once and I'll say it again, there was many times in this game our receivers had a step on the defender, and durant UNDER THREW them all, they were all longer balls, but durant came up short.  I think he has more picks now than TD passes.  Durant has to pick up his game big time.
I didn't have a chance to watch the UFC, but I'll post the results in a bit.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hello, my name is Mark Prior.....

So in the world of Major League baseball, it was announced yesterday that rookie phenom Stephen Strasburg has a torn ligament in his elbow and will need Tommy John surgery.

Can anyone say 'Mark Prior' ?  Prior was 'the next big phenom pitcher' that was drafted by the Chicago Cubs, but surgeries wrecked his career early also.  I am not saying Strasburg is done, but Tommy John surgery ?   Wow....

The team laughing the most about the Prior situation, not Strasburg, is the Twins.  Twins had the fist overall pick that year and passed on Prior and took someone by the name is Joe Mauer.

In other news, Oilers goalie Nikolai Khabibulin was found guilty in is drunk driving charge.  I guess this comes with a sentence of a minimum 30 days in the clink to a max of 6 months.
Am I the only one that hopes the Oilers null his contract now ?  They paid way too much for this guy and signed him for too long of a contract.  With this conviction, I am sure the Oilers have an 'out' clause and will drop this dude.  I am quite happy going with DD and JDD in the pipes this year for the Oil.


Have a good one...remember, rider game today.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Free Fact Fridays...

Today's daily dump

Squatting 101

For many of us, the act of squatting to "do the deed" conjures up images of less-fortunate children living in societies that lack modern plumbing.  For others, stooping to poo has a more nostalgic significance, serving as a reminder of those quick dashes into the bushes at summer camp for a country dump.  The act of squatting, while seemingly basic, can be fraught with great danger.  Inexperienced squatters who are accustomed to the 90-degree angle formed while sitting on the toilet may attempt to re-create the position during squatting.  Unfortunately, this leaves a great distance between poo deployment and landing and dramatically increases the risk of inadvertent lower-extremity soiling.  Bottom line ?  When forced to squat, low is the way to go.


So it's official, Tiger Woods is a single man.  Really, could you not see this coming ?  Let's see if he hooks up with any of his Ex's.  Time will tell.
Rumor has it ha has also lost a ton of weight, about 130 pounds worth, haha !

Here's a video of Goggles Pyzonto driving home on the freeway, at 100 miles an hour.


If anyone knows of a good deal on a road bike, let me know.


My picks for the UFC this saturday night.

MAIN CARD (Pay-per-view)

•Champ Frankie Edgar vs. B.J. Penn (for lightweight title).  BJ will get his belt back

•Randy Couture vs. James Toney.  Coture, first round stoppage

•Demian Maia vs. Mario Miranda.  Demian, second round submission.

•Kenny Florian vs. Gray Maynard.  K-Flo, 2nd round stoppage due to elbows.

•Marcus Davis vs. Nate Diaz.  Marcus Davis, KO

I didn't bother including the preliminary card


Have a good weekend crew, remember, rider game saturday night !!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Morning Metal...

We are going to start something new on the blog here on Monday's, it will be called Monday Morning Metal.  It will be some of the latest news from the rock n roll scene.  So let's get started.

-Kat Von D and Nikki Six have broken up.  It is official, after 2 years of dating, the 2 have split.  Nikki was quoted as saying.."My office has been inundated with requests for a statement or interviews. The only thing I wanna say is, 'I wish Kat nothing but the very best. Right now I am focusing on my family, the 'Sixx Sense' radio show, the [second] SIXX: A.M. album and my upcoming book.'

-The reality series "Growing Up Twisted", which premiered on A&E late last month and features TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider, his wife and four kids, will close with a bang during its season finale on Tuesday, August 24. But don't worry — just because the season's over doesn't mean the show is.

The Snider family will host a one-two punch launch event on Saturday, August 21 for the hottest new mobile app around: A3 – the All Access App. For fans, this means that the show will keep on going until the next season of "Growing Up Twisted". For Dee and his family, it means that they'll be the first to launch their own celebrity A3 app, providing fans with true behind-the-scenes and direct access like never before! Don't let A&E dictate what you see, everything the family sends goes directly to your phone!

-SEBASTIAN BACH Rules Out SKID ROW Reunion: 'I Don't Wanna Lie To My Fans' - Aug. 19, 2010.  This one sucks,  I would personally love to see a reunion, but it sounds like it won't happen.


I really want the riders to crush the Esks this weekend, I know the Esks are sucking, but we need to send a statement.


Saw the 'Ghost Writer' on the weekend.  I thought it sucked.  maybe a 5 out of ten.

I didn't see the Strikeforce card on the weekend, but I am glad King Mo lost.

I am out !!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Filthy Mawler

So it was announced that Patrick Cote would be fighting Tom "the filthy mawler' Lawlor at UFC 121 in October.  Now many of you probably don't care, but I am excited.  Not for the fight, but for the antics that Tom Lawlor does.  This guy is hilarious, his previous weigh-ins and entrances have been epic.  Let's rewind shall we...

At UFC 100, Tom was fighting CB Dolloway.  At the weigh in, Tom came as the "just bleed" guy, too funny.
If you don’t know who the “Just bleed” guy is, the “Just Bleed” guy made his first (and last) appearance at UFC 15 when Mark Kerr faced off against Greg Scott in between the fighter announcements. He was a fan that had "just bleed" painted on him.  Check out the clip.

Now here is Tom Lawlor at the weigh in.

Now here is Tom Lawlor coming to the ring for his fight.  He has Seth Petrulizzi on a dog leash...haha..

Then at UFC fight night 20, at the weigh in, he came dressed up as Harold Howard.  Now Harold Howard was from the early days of the UFC, but he is known for his flip scissor kick in his one match...take a look. !!!!

Now here is Tom Lawlor at the weigh in as Harold.

Now for the actual fight, Tom comes to the ring as Hulk Hogan...freakin hilarious !!

Then at UFC 113, he comes to the weigh in as a tribute to Dan the Beast Sevryn, a historic weigh in...

And finally, his entrance for the fight.  The classic Apollo Creed entrance from the movie Rocky.

I just want to see what he is going to do this time...??

Friday, August 20, 2010

The perfect traffic jam...

Still Smoking ??

No, I wasn't hanging out in Cheech and Chong's back yard yesterday, I was driving home from Edmonton and with all the forrest fires in BC, Alberta is feeling the aftermath.

Free Fact Fridays...

Today's daily dump.

Work Hazards
While persistent foul-smelling stool can be a sign of underlying disease, the occasional rotten-smelling poo should bot be cause for concern.  When depositing a rotten-smelling poo in a stall at work, however, your reputation could be at risk.  In these instances, it is highly recommended that you leave the stall of stench as quickly and stealthily as possible, then take a long walk outside while praying mightilyy that the smell hasn't permanently embedded itself in your clothes.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

dog saves dog...

check out this unreal video, it's better if you have audio

Myron is back !

Is anyone else as jacked as I am for the new episodes of 'BBQ Pitmaster' ??  I love the show.  They have added some new twists this year.  Looks like my bad ass pitmaster Myron Mixon is a judge this year.  He still swears all the time and is still grumpy, haha, it's great. Check it out on TLC.

I must admit, I have been watching the Bachelor Pad.  I saw some episodes of the Bachelorette, and loved this Craig dude from Canada always giving it to the 'weatherman'.  Once I found out he is going to be on the Bachelor Pad, I had to check in.
Bad news though, 2nd week in, and Craig got voted off...what a joke, don't know if I'll be watching it anymore now.

I am thinking about trying to redeem myself and sign up for a 10k race in October some time.  I was thinking Sept, but with Ang due towards the end of the month, I may push it back until October, we'll see.

Out !!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The official results

These are the official results from the 10 k on the weekend in Edmonton

Horse - 45:08

Mouse - 55:32

Egger - 1:05:15

The dreaded 10k...

I hope everyone had a good weekend, mine wasn't to shabby.

Saturday morning was my 10K race in Edmonton with Horse and Mouse.  It's funny, I laid the challenge out to them about 6  weeks ago so they could get into shape, and as it turns out, it was me that was the out of shape one.

These aren't official yet, I should be getting them today sometime.

Horse - 45  minutes
Mouse - 54 minutes
Egger - 1:05

Horse was a machine out there.  i obviously didn't achieve my goal of coming in under one hour.  What a joke.  Here is a thought, if I am going to do 10K races, maybe I should run at least 10 K while I am training.  I will get this thing figured out sooner or later. 
I'll bet ya I stopped 5-6 times, I was a mess.  Then you have mouse who was chasing the piece of cheese all over the course and never stopped once !!

Needless to say, the Dairy Queen dilly bar and the pancake breakfast was a nice way to end off the race.

So it was Ang's birthday yesterday, so we decide to go to Dairy Queen for a blizzard.  We are sitting in DQ and see this Lamborghini park in the parking lot.  The driver gets out of his car and walks around to the passenger side (I am assuming he is helping his women out of the car), but get this, he was getting his kid out of the child seat !!  Yes, there was a child seat in this Lamborghini, I thought it was hilarious, there is a pic to prove it.

I am glad the stamps are above us in the standings, now all the pressure is on them.  Can't wait to thrash them when we play them again.

That's it for now....


Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13th !!

From the best horror movie ever.

Free Fact Fridays...

Today's Daily Dump

Poo=Modern Art ?

In August 2008, a giant inflatable feces sculpture by artist Paul McCarthy broke free from its moorings at the Switzerland before bringing down a power line.  The gigantic turd eventually came to rest 200 yards away on the grounds of a children's home, but not before causing an international stink about what constitutes art.


Big win last night in the Rider Game.  I thought we played pretty good.  I liked it when Durant didn't have a chance to pass, he ran with the ball, that is huge, it's nice having a quarterback that can do that.  Man, does BC's quarterbacks suck, wow, it was painful watching them.

I have no faith whatsoever in Ryan Dinwiddie, seriously, let's cut this guy.  When the game was over, he came in to take some snaps and looked brutal.  I would have rather seen Cole Berquist in there instead.


Big 10k race tomorrow, and I think I will be crushed.  I officially haven't trained for 3 week.  No swimming, running, or biking.  We'll see how I last tomorrow.


I thought this was quite funny, check out the link below.  This women quit her job by using a dry-erase board.


Have a good weekend !!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The war of the billboards...

 wasn't feeling very good last night and threw up all over the table...I managed to take a picture of it and this is what it looked like.

These could be the ugliest jersey's I have ever seen.  This is what the flames will be wearing during their outdoor game they are playing this year.

I am not sure if you know about the riders buying billboard space in oppositions cities and putting up clever billboards signs, but Edmonton has fought back.
let's back track a bit, last year the riders put up a billboard in Edmonton promoting the riders vs the esks in Edmonton by saying, "Hey Esks fans, we'll save a seat for ya".

This year, the Esks decided to fight back, below is the sign they put up in Edmonton.
Haha, I love it !!

Big game tonight, he should beat the Leo's, but I never what to count my chickens before they've hatched (mom's saying).

Anybody see the brawl in the reds vs. cards game a couple days ago...well check it out below...
I am outta here !!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hot in the Hot Tub...

Time to pipe in with some random thoughts.

First off, from the world of "I can't believe this is a sport/contest" category, a Russian finalist in the 'world sauna championship' has died.

It came down to the Russian, and Finland's 5 time champion.  5 time champion you say ?  Yes, this contest has been going on for a while.  They both passed out in the sauna, with the Russian passing away on the way to the hospital.

Am I the only one here that says "Wow, this is completely stupid" ?

I did some digging, and here are the rules for the contest


  • The starting temperature is 110 degrees Centigrade. Half a liter of water will be poured on the stove every 30 seconds.

  • Use of alcohol is prohibited prior to and during the competition.

  • Competitors must wash themselves beforehand, and remove any creams and lotions.

  • Competitor must sit erect, their buttocks and thighs on the bench.

  • Ordinary swimsuits must be used. Pant legs in men's swimsuits may be up to 20 centimeters long, and women's shoulder straps may be up to 5 centimeters wide.

  • Hair that reaches the shoulders must be tied into a ponytail.

  • Touching the skin and brushing is prohibited.

  • Competitors must not disturb each other.

  • At the request of the judges, competitors must show that they are in their senses with a thumbs up.

  • Competitors must be able to leave the sauna unaided to qualify.

  • A breach of the rules results in a warning. Another one results in disqualification.

  • The last person in the sauna is the winner.


I am still a peeved at the Riders loss to the Als last week.  Man, we did nothing in the 1st half.  Sure, we showed who we were in the 2nd half, but it was too late.  I don't want to be critical, but if Durant can lead our receivers better on long balls we would have won that game easy.  There was at least 4 different times our receiver had the defender beat by at least a couple steps, but Durant didn't lead him properly and they all went incomplete.
I hope we bounce back Thursday night against the Lions.


I have a 10 k race this weekend in Edmonton.  I haven't ran in over 2 weeks.  Mouse might die during the race, but Horse has been training like a mad man.  I have a feeling he will beat us two by at least 10 mins.

I am hoping to finish in just under 1 hour.

That's it for today.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Free Fact Fridays...

Today's Daily Dump

Butt Plug

Enemas of coffee and milk and honey seem downright tame when considering the case of a 20-year-old male who was seen in the emergency room after receiving a concrete enema.  The mixture was apparently funneled into his rectum by a friend, and he presented to the ER several hours later when the concrete had solidified into a five-inch long cast inside his rectum.  Needless to say, emergency surgery was required to remove this true-to-life butt plug.  Rectum?  This damn near killed him !!


Will post more later

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I am officially withdrawing from my tri this sunday in Sundre.  I have been able to properly train for over a week now, and combine that with my lower back flaring up about 4 days ago, i just can't do it.

I am not sure if I will be doing another one this summer or not, I just don't know I can find one to fit into my schedule.

I am still going to do the 10km race next weekend up in Edmonton.  I haven't ran in 1.5 weeks, so I will probably get blasted in that race too.

As if his irresistible good looks and boyish charm wasn't enough to make the ladies swoon, MMA fighter Roger Huerta beat some dude in Austin Texas after this dude punched a women..check it out for yourself.


Out !!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Xpression of the Session...

How was everyone's long weekend ?  Mine was very relaxing, I took and extra day off so I had a 4 day long weekend.  It's funny, I had planned to get work done around the house all weekend, but in turn, did absolutely nothing, just relaxed.
I did get my fill of the X Games this year though, man, I love the X Games!!
From the skateboarding to the bmx to the motocross, it's all good.  Did anyone see the big air motocross final ?
How about the front flip attempt by Paris Rosen coming up short and landing on his back...check out the link.


One of these years I will go to the X-Games, just not sure when.


A couple movie reviews for you.

Went and saw Salt with Angelina Jolie.
This movie has a pretty cool plot, I liked it, but the movie itself was a little far-fetched.  Don't get me wrong, I love watching Angelina kick ass, not this much ass.   There were many scenes in the movie that left me scratching my head with how Jolie didn't get hit with a bullet, or was able to fight 10 people at once, and come out on top, or just how much abuse she took but kept on going.
Besides, she is hot, so regardless, is was fun watching her.  I would recommend the movie.

I also rented Cop Out on the weekend.  This one stars Bruce Willis and Tracey Morgan.  This show has it's funny parts, but it's not a good show, maybe a 5 out of ten.  This one is ONLY a renter.


Big win on the weekend for the Riders.  To me, the victory wasn't pretty, but a win is a win.  I thought Durant was off, but yet that pass he made to Fantuz (he got tackled on the 4 yard line) was a perfect pass, go figure.


I love how there is hype about the oilers prospects this year (doesn't mean they will be good, or make the team win more games), and I have heard nothing about the flames prospects.  That's pretty much because they don't have any real good prospects coming up.

I am out !!!