Tuesday, July 26, 2011

1..2..SNFU !!!

Greetings from where the weather has actually been nice for the past week.  Let's get started.

So I guess the NFL strike is over.....I could care less.  I enjoy the CFL game way more than the NFL game so I won't be wasting any extra time on Sunday's watching overhyped ball, I have other things to do on weekends.


For you Pitbull fans, I have included a small video I shot from Cowboys when I was there during Stampede.


For real though, can anyone resist the Dicki-Dee when he comes cruising your streets ?  He plays this music that can be heard from blocks away.  I got the chocolate/almond dipped vanilla ice cream on a stick.  Damn it was good.  I was leaning towards an Astro Pop but changed my mind last minute.


So I checked out SNFU again just the past week at the Republik.  This is probably the 3rd or 4th time I have seen them in the last year, and Ang can't understand why I go and see them so much.  It's quite simple actually, they are just that good.  Seriously, if anyone growing up was into punk rock music in the slightest way, i will guarantee you were listening to SNFU.

This go around the concert was GREAT !

They were always a 5 piece band (2 guitarists, 1 bass, 1 drummer, and Chi Pig on the vocals), but with lineup changes over the years, they have only been a 4 piece band for the last 5-10 years or so.

But within the last year, they added back the 2nd guitarist and man what a difference it made.

Some of you might be thinking "1 guitarist or 3, it doesn't matter, punk rock is shit rock".  Well it matters, trust me.

Chi Pig actually didn't sound that bad on the vocals either for a guy that is almost 50 years old and has no teeth.

Here is a few pics


Here is how Wimp and I enjoy our morning coffee's.

Turn the TV on and let the kids do their thing.


Urty, here is a vid from the SNFU concert.
The song 'fate'.


Somebody please tell me how this is supposed to be a banana ?


Ryder's joke of the day.
A brunette, a redhead, and a blonde were robbing a supermarket when a police officer walked in the store. The three women decide to hide in three potato sacks. The cop kicks the first bag, and the brunette says, "meow ", the cop says, "oh, its only a cat "He kicks the second bag, and the redhead says, "woof, woof ". The cop says, "its only a dog ". He kicks the third bag, and the blonde says, "potato "
I am out !

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

...From a Negative to a Positive....

Today's Blog is sponsored by the city of Oklahoma, the place where you can get half torn t-shirts at a ridiculous price !!


Another pic from Ray Ray's wedding.  the thugs from left to right are..

Ray Ray, Egger, Urty, Mouse.


Now if you didn't have a BBQ, and were looking to get one, would this one do the trick ?  We were very close in getting Ray Ray and Judy this for their wedding, but I just don't think Judy would have liked it as much as Ray Ray.


So I went to my first Stampede Event, on the last day of Stampede.  Pitbull at the Cowboys tent.  I like Pitbull but I wasn't sure what to expect.  One guy on stage singing, but he rocked the joint, it was a good night.

Now below is a pic I snapped from the show.

And below that, is what I would look like if I was on stage.


Is anyone else scared of electricity and gas like I am  ?  When it comes to doing this around the house, no problem, but if it involves electricity or gas, I freeze up.

Case in point, the pilot light on my hot water heater went out yesterday.  So all I had to do was re-light it.  If you have lit a BBQ, you can light a hot water tank's pilot light.
But for some reason, I think this is the end of my life as I know it.  Since the hot water tank is hooked up to a gas line, I seem to think that my lighting the pilot light is going to blow up the entire house, maybe the city block.  So there I am, sticking my match into the tank and lighting the pilot light, the whole time saying a prayer and wondering if my life insurance is paid up. 
But no explosion, and now I have hot water back in the house.  Must have been lucky I guess.


Ryder's Joke of the Day !!!

Two guys are in a locker room when one guy notices the other guy has a cork in his ass. He says, "How'd you get a cork in your ass? " The other guy says, "I was walking along the beach and I tripped over a lamp. There was a puff of smoke, and then a red man in a turban came oozing out. He said, "I am Tonto, Indian Genie. I can grant-um you one wish. " And I said, "No shit. "


I am out !!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More of a Picture Montage today.....

So I guess it was my birthday last week, and with my brother being in town, my sister got us this birthday cake.  Ice Cream cake, is there anything better ?

Now her is the Dilemma we were faced with.  There was 3 guys at the house when the girls were out for the evening, Osato, Urty and I.  We were all staring at this cake.  So the logical think to do was to have a piece right ?  So we each had one.


Here's a shot of Mouse teaching my boy how to shotgun a beer......


Here is a shot of K-OS (pronounced Chaos), Koston decked out in his AC DC outfit...

And here is a shot of how Wimp and Osato discipline their child..


More important news of the past week was Ray Ray and Judy getting married.  It the first time I have been to a wedding on a Sunday.  The festivities took place at the Wedding Pavilion here in Calgary.  Hey, if the place is good enough for Daren McCarty and Derek Lutz, its gotta be good enough for Ray Ray and Judy.

The pic below is of the groom, the wedding party, and the MC.  Ray Ray got us these 'NHL hockey stick' putters as a wedding gift, with our names engraved on them


So just this past week marks the beginning of Stampede.  10 days that some people won't even remember.  I don't think i will be attending anything this year, maybe next year.

Nothing like having the Royal couple Will and Kate officially kick off the stampede.  I was looking for pictures of their Canadian tour here in Calgary and came up with this one.  Makes you wonder what pics photogs actually have that never get published.


Ryders Joke of the Day.

A Duck walks into a bar.
Duck: You got any bread?
Barman: No, sorry, we don't have any bread[After a few minutes]
Duck: You got any bread?
Barman: Look, we don't have any bread[In a little while]
Duck: You got any bread?
Barman: We don't have any F*****g bread![Some time later]
Duck: Got any bread?
Barman: If you ask me if I've got any F*****g bread once more I'm gonna nail your F*****g bill to this bar......
Duck: You got any nails?
Barman: NO!
Duck: You got any bread?

I am out !!

Monday, July 4, 2011

All I wanted to do was replace the toilet......

 So to cut to the chase, I wanted to change the toilet I have in the bathroom downstairs.  It is a very old toilet and I have always wanted to change it, so now is the time.

Changing toilets shouldn't be that hard.  Shut off water, remove old toilet, install new toilet, turn water back on.


Not this go around.

I was able to shut off the water, and that was fine, and also removing the old toilet wasn't that hard either once I had the proper tools to do it.  Putting the new one back on was the fun part.

For starters, I thought I would use the new toilet screws that came with the new toilet.  Nope.  I couldn't remove the old ones because they looked like they were cemented in there from before.  And the reason they were cemented in there is because my toilet flange was installed crooked.  I won't get too detailed but this was my first issue.

So on goes the wax ring, on goes the new toilet, and I screw down the screws.  So far, so good, the toilet seems sturdy and solid. 

Now I have to put the tank onto the toilet and I am good.  So after a lot of swearing and cursing, I got the tank on, screwed down, and I am ready to test it out.

Water turned back on.  Flush #1, leaking.  Flush #2, leaking.  Now I am mad.  Why the hell is this thing leaking, I did everything the lame instructions told me to do.  Right away, I figure that the tank is not sitting properly on the toilet, and because of this, it is leaking.

Now instead of properly putting the tank on, I figured the toilet was too big.  So I shut off the water, took apart the new toilet, went back to Lowe's to get a smaller toilet.  Upon walking into Lowe's and talking with the plumbing dude, he told me it has nothing to do with my toilet size.  A toilets are made with the same measurements.  He just said that my tank was not on properly.

What a complete wasted of time, so I did all this work for nothing.

So back home, haul the new toilet back downstairs and go for installation #2.  Except this time I put the toilet completely together before I screwed it down onto the toilet screws.

Water On, and it works, go figure.

This is why I am not a plumber.

Here is the old toilet

And finally the new one installed correctly.


Just a random picture here.  Is this not the world's biggest Ass Crack ?


Another random pic.  I parked beside this at the gym on the weekend.  The GT500 Shelby Cobra, thought it was pretty sweet.


The WBFF Alberta show was here on the weekend, that's the world bodybuilding and fitness federation, and I went and checked out the prelims on Saturday.  A couple people that participated in the 12-week transformation challenge with me were competing in it.   It was really good.  Both competitors looked great.  Man, it takes courage to get up on stage and pose down, especially when you have never done it before.


Wow, did the Riders get demolished by the Esks yesterday.  I am glad it was only the first game of the year.  But all is good, the stamps lost too.


Ryders joke of the day.

A man came home drunk at four in the morning, and his wife was all over him, yelling at him, crying because she thought he was with another woman. "No, honey, I swear, I was at this bar, and it was so fancy that even the urinals were made of GOLD! "She said she didn't believe him, so she called the bar. "Hello," she said, "I just want to ask one question. My husband claims to have spent the night at your bar and I have one question; are your urinals covered in gold? "To which she heard the bartender say, "Hey, Clarence, - I think we found the guy who pissed in your saxophone! "

L8er SK8er