Friday, December 21, 2012

all day all dime

Greetings, everyone getting ready for Xmas ?  Back to the metal roots today, so this post will be talking about Darrell Abbott, or better know as Dimebag Darrell.
First off, if you don't know who he is, he was the guitarist for the metal band Pantera.  Pantera broke up and he was then the guitarist for Damageplan.
Darrell's brother Vinnie Paul, was the drummer for Pantera and also for Damageplan.
Almost 10 years ago, Dimebag was shot and killed on stage while performing with Damageplan.  Thought I would shed a little info about that night with these 2 videos below.  Check them out, they are very very good.

Got this next part from the Internet....wikipedia

Abbott's grave is located at the Moore Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Arlington, Texas. He is buried alongside his mother who died in 1999 of a brain aneurysm. He was buried with Eddie Van Halen's black and yellow-striped Charvel electric guitar (sometimes referred to as "Bumblebee"), which was pictured with Van Halen on the inner sleeve and back cover of the album Van Halen II. Dimebag had asked for one of these guitars in 2004, shortly before he was shot. Eddie Van Halen originally agreed to make Darrell a copy of the guitar, but upon hearing of Abbott's death, offered to place the actual guitar in his casket. Dimebag was buried in a KISS Kasket. Inspired by the rock 'n' roll group KISS, he requested in his will that he be buried in one of the famous coffins. Kiss co-founder Gene Simmons said, "There were a limited number made and I sent mine to the family of 'Dimebag' Darrell. He requested in his will to be buried in a Kiss Kasket, as he sort of learned his rock 'n' roll roots by listening to us for some strange reason."

Below is what the KISS Kasket looked like.


Now my bro a few years back was on vacation in Texas, and stopped off at the cemetery where Dimebag was buried and snapped these pics.


Quick trivia question...what was Dimebag's favorite drink ?  A shot of Crown Royal with a splash of Coke.  This is mostly commonly referred to as a 'black tooth'.  So if you have ever heard of 'black tooth', you now know what it is.

That's right, a good Canadian Whiskey !!!


So my cousin a few years back was partying in Vegas and met some dude and got her picture taken with him.  Since she knows I like heavy metal, she texted me and said 'Craig, I got my pic taken with some heavy metal dude, I am not sure who he is, but I will send you the pic...'
Damned if the pic wasn't of her and Vinnie Paul !  Very cool......


That is it for today's history lesson


Ryder's jokes of the day

"I was married 3 times " explained the man to a newly discovered drinking partner, "and I'll never marry again. My first 2 wives died of eating poison mushrooms and my 3rd wife died of a fractured skull. " "That's a shame. " said his friend , "How did it happen? " "She wouldn't eat the mushrooms! "

A blonde was bragging about her knowledge of international capitals.
She proudly said, "Go ahead and quiz me. I know all of them! "
Her friend said, "O. K. then, what's the capital of France? "
The blonde replied, "Oh, that's so easy! F. "


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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Egger-nam Style !

Up until a little while ago, I had no idea what Gangnam Style was, I had heard the name used many times over but didn't know anything.

I mentioned this in the office and was promptly brought over to a laptop to see what this is all about.  What I found out was a song with dance moves that could have been made up by a 7 year old.  I am not bashing it, I am just saying that if you are expecting 'so you can think you can dance' style dance moves in this video, then this is not for you.

Anyway, it's a catchy tune and I really think the video is quite funny, check it out for yourself.

Now of course, with me being a metal head, I searched high and low to find the heavy metal version to this song.  When I say 'searched high and low', what I mean is searching google for 3 minutes.

What I came up with is below...I LOVE this version..the guitar, the drums, everything.  This is my version to the Gangnam Style.


I have officially decided that December is the starting date of getting back into shape.  I have been running and swimming, but have to kick it up a notch now.  I have some races I want to compete in next year and don't want to be behind the 8-ball. 

My lower back has flared up again, big time, which is primarily the reason I haven't kicked my training up a notch yet.  Tough to do any physical activity when you can't even stand up straight.


I am almost complete when it comes to getting all of my patches for my Metal Vest.  I had to track down a Dayglo Abortions patch and got it off their website.  Now you think ordering something off a bands website, it would come nicely packaged and in a nice envelope, nope, not the dayglos.  Take a look how my patch arrived.

Now I am not complaining at all, I think it's very funny actually.  Just another patch to the collection.


Ryder's Jokes of the Day

Q: How do you embarrass an archeologist?
A: Give him a used tampon and ask him which period it came from.

A guy walked into the doctor's surgery for an appointment. "Would you like to tell me your problem? " the pretty blonde receptionist asked. "I'll need the information for the doctor. " "It's rather embarrassing " the guy stammered. "You see, I have a very large and almost constant erection. " "Well, the doctor is very busy today " the receptionist cooed, "but maybe I can squeeze you in.


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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


My 2 bits on the bullying suicide that just happened.

When I grew up there was bullies, you know, the kids on the playground that thought it was fun to shove, insult, and berate other kids.  This has always happened.  Now that I am an adult, I wish more was done to prevent it, or at least punish the kids that did it.

Fast forward to today, there are still bullies, that hasn’t changed, but what has changed is social media.  Back when I grew up there was no texting, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, etc.  Now bullying can be a lot worse because of this.  Case in point, a kid gets bullied and it gets videotaped, within seconds it’s on the internet for the world to see.  If the kid wasn’t embarrassed enough from being bullied, it is now way worse because the world knows.

This gal that committed suicide, is a very tragic end, but I really think this could have been prevented.  She had tried to kill herself before, and she didn’t get help.  Why didn’t her parents help her out?  If I found my kid drinking bleach, I sure as hell would want to find out why and get it fixed ASAP.  This gal tried a couple times in the past to commit suicide, and no one helped her, and the first finger I point is to the parents.

That is my opinion, not yours.


Lance Armstrong.  Yet another prolific sports figure getting caught doing drugs.  To me this isn’t a big deal, the big deal is that people seem to turn a blind eye because he has raised over half a billion dollars for cancer research.  You don’t get it, if Lance Armstrong hadn’t of won the 7 Tour De France races, he would be a nobody, and no money would have come in.

Because he doped, he won the races, because he won races he became a millionaire, because he won races he was able to raise money for cancer.  If he came in 10th place in each of the races, he would be a nobody.  It is great that all this money has been collected for research, but stupid and naive people keep saying ‘but he has done so much for cancer research, who cares if he doped’.  Hey, the guy cheated, used people, betrayed people, and threatened people, let’s just remember that.

If Jose Canseco (admitted doper) were to all of a sudden raise a bunch of money for some cause, would people ‘forgive’ Jose for his past ?  I doubt it.
Check out this cool video clip...this dude is doing these stunts on a road bike.


What would be a blog post without the mention of some sort of heavy metal music ?  Take a peek at GWAR doing a Kansas cover.  I actually really the version they do.


Ryders Jokes of the Day

Dear Abby,

> I have never written to you before, but I really need your advice. I

> have suspected for some time now that my wife has been cheating on me.

> The usual signs; phone rings but if I answer, the caller hangs up.

> My wife has been going out with "the girls" a lot recently although

> when I ask their names, she always says, "just some friends from work,

> you don't know them". I try to stay awake and look out for her when

> she comes home, but I usually fall asleep. Anyway, I have never

> broached the subject with my wife. I think deep down I just did not

> want to know the truth, but last night she went out again and I

> decided to finally check on her. Around midnight, I hid in the garage

> behind my hockey equipment so I could get a good view of the whole

> street when she arrived home from a night out with the girls. When

> she got out of the car she was buttoning up her blouse, and she took

> her panties out of her purse and slipped them on. It was at that

> moment, crouching behind my hockey gear, that I noticed a hairline

> crack where the blade meets the graphite shaft on my new one piece

> hockey stick. Is this something I can fix myself or should I take it

> back to the pro-shop where I bought it?


A blind guy on a bar stool shouts to the bartender, "Wanna hear a blonde joke? "In a hushed voice, the guy next to him says, "Before you tell that joke, you should know something. "Our bartender IS blonde, the bouncer is blonde. I'm a 6' tall, 200lb black belt. The guy sitting next to me is 6'2", weighs 225, and he's a rugby player. The fella to your right is 6'5" pushing 300 and he's a wrestler. Each one of US is blonde. Think about it, Mister. Do you still wanna tell that joke? "The blind guy says, "Nah, not if I'm gonna have to explain it five times. "


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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The World is Turning Metal

Today's Blog is going to revolve around metal, heavy metal that is.  Honestly, I wish I would have learned the guitar growing up as opposed to the piano, cause I swear, I would likely be in a band, a heavy metal that is.  You don't see too many piano's, unless you are Andrew W K (whom i like anyway).
For me, there are a couple different genre's of metal music i listen to, they are:
1. Hair Metal
2. Rock Metal
3. Heavy Metal
4. Speed/Hardcore Metal
Hair Metal bands for me include any rock n roll band that used hair spray back in the day, you know, twisted sister, motley crue, poison, Cinderella, KISS, WASP etc etc.  this music is classic stuff, still to this day, everyone can say they have at least one fav hair metal band and/or a fav song from that genre.
Rock Metal and Hair Metal are very very close...except these bands didn't use as much makeup and hairspray...bands like guns n roses, slaughter, skid row,....once again, hair and rock can be interchangeable.
Heavy Metal, now we are getting into some serious stuff, hard and heavy belongs to this group.  Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Iron Maiden. etc.  If you didn't play at least 2-3 power chords in each song on the guitar, then you are not a part of this group.
Speed/hardcore Metal.  This is also rather broad, ranging from bands like Pantera, Slayer, Testament, Slipknot, Lamb of God, Hatebreed, etc.  Love this genre.
Now everywhere I look, Rock n Roll seems to have an in point.  My boy watching Toopie and Binou on the TV, and they play this little song...but listen to the death shriek that Toopie blasts out at the end of the verse.....

Now if this is not the BEST commercial on TV, I don't know what is.  Nothing like living the dream as a rock star !!!

Comedian Brian Posehn (metal head) has this to say about Metalheads....and he nails it on the head.


Everyone has seen these types of jokes, especially on facebook, but here is one for the music world.....


This just goes to show you that Metal is alive and kicking, well at least for me at least anyways.....

Just a quick snapshot of some of the patches I have purchased for my MMV (mostly metal vest).  As I acquire more, I will update the blog....

Ryders Jokes of the Day.
Greedy Kiwi : This aussie caught this Kiwi having a bit of fun with a sheep. "Mate ", the aussie said, "Over there we shear them ". The kiwi replied, "Mate, I'm not shearing this with innyone "
Food jokes : "May I take your order? " the waiter asked. "Yes, how do you prepare your chickens? " "Nothing special sir," he replied. "We just tell them straight out that they're going to die. "
I am out,
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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Quest for a Vest 2, and a tri

Well my first race of the year finally came and what a blast it was.  Wimp and I signed up for the Innisfail Triathlon a few months back, and just for fun, I issued a challenge to my buddy horse to also sign up.  Well damned if he took me up on my challenge and also wanted to do the tri.  Great, now I had to train even harder now that horse is onboard.

This is how I envisioned the race happening (other that the image below).
Wimp was going to win the swim, I was going to win the bike, and horse was going to win the run.  And as usual, the sprinter will always win the overall race.

Here is a photo of us after the race, wimp, me, and horse.

I actually had a really good swim (for me anyway) and I felt awesome on the bike, but I struggled with the run.  I did have one hiccup with the bike though, towards the end of my bike I got caught with a train and had to wait a few minutes for the darn thing to pass through before I could finish my bike.  I know they modified my time because of it, but to me, that was the kicker. (no excuses though)

Here are the final results, horse beating lindsay by 2 seconds, and me by 2.5 minutes.  And if you look at the stats, wimp won the swim, I won the bike, and horse won the run, and like I said, the winner of the run usually wins the race.










  Dan Headington








craig veale








Lindsay Pilling                            0:16:40.5   0:01:33.8


Alas !  My back patch for my rock n roll vest came in the mail today.  Look how sweet this bad boy is !!  i am jacked to get this sewn on.

Here is a pic of the patch pinned onto the vest, next up, sewing.


Snapped this license plate on the way to work last week.  Really ?  I growed up ?
Have you really ?


Love the formatting of this blog, for some reason everything is left justified.....I am not going to figure this next enty should be back to normal


Ryder Joke of the Day. X2 

A blonde and a brunette were talking. The brunette complained, "Every time my boyfriend brings home flowers, I have to to spend the weekend with my legs in the air. " The blonde asks, "Don't you have a vase? "


A blonde is suffering from a sore throat so she goes to see the doctor. She explains the problem to the doctor who asks her to sit down. He gets out his light and says "Open wide. " "I can't " replies the blonde, "the chair's fitted with arms. "


L8er SK8er
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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Quest for a Vest

So I officially participated in my first race of the year a while back, it was called Mud Hero.  This was a 6km obstacle course out in Kananaskis country.  I believe there was 15 different obstacle's to do.  This race was a ton of fun.  A few of us got together and put a team in, our team was called 'the lucky sausage'

A before and after pic.


 So the Olympics have come and gone...and I don't know about you, but when they are on, I have to watch something everyday.  Heck, there was sports I have never heard being played, but I had to tune in anyway.

 I thought this was pretty cool....imagine cheering on your country in an Olympic booth and all of a sudden England's most popular person peeks in around the corner...I don't care of you are a Beckham fan or not, this was cool.  Don't tell me if you were in a Canadian booth and all of a sudden Sidney Crosby popped his head around the corner, that it wouldn't be cool ?

Check out the clip.


 So those of you that know me, know that I am a metal I have taken on a project, the project is too make the world's best heavy metal vest.  I am quite jacked for this actually....

So to start I went to value village last weekend and found this jacket, and cut the sleeves off it the second I got the search is on to find small patches, 1 large back patch, studs, leather.....etc.

the wife doesn't know, but the second this thing is done, I am wearing it 24/7.

Here is the first few shots....I will post more pics as the vest gets 'patched' up.


So I have actually been training  for a few races coming a few weeks I have the innisfail triathlon, a few weeks after that is the Melissa's 10K race in Banff, and in November, I am looking to do the Lake Havasu I need to but a wetsuit.



The family went to the zoo the other weekend, and Ryder loved it, being able to see animals in person that he has only seen in books, was a real treat to watch.

But I did come across this animal just walking around the place, without a leash...I found later that she was a lululemon model.

Ryders joke of the day

Billy was 14 and just started jerkin off... : Billy was 14 and just started jerkin off. He loved to jerk off. However, one day, his dad walked in on him while he was jerkin off! Billy was so embarrassed. He pulled up his pants as quick as he could. But, his dad already seen him. "Billy," said his dad, "doing that will make you go blind "Dad," he replied, "I'm over here! "
Bar jokes, beer, booze and fun! : "Did ya hear the news? " asked Keenan of his pal at the saloon. "Harrigan drank so much, his wife left him! " "Bartender! Give me six boilermakers!! "


I am out.
Stay Metal

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

mashed pot

First off, I want to give a shout out to my bro and his wife on having their first child.  Welcome to the world Maia.  (she was born over a couple months ago...I am just a lazy blogger)



So I was down in Houston a while back and ran into some guys from southern Texas.  We got talking and found out that we both like fishing. I told them about the freshwater fish we catch up north and in turn they told me about the fish they catch down south.
My god, the states has some of the weirdest fish on the planet.....almost disturbing.

Here is one fish that is served in all restaurants in Texas, catfish.  The proper way to say 'catfish' is to say the 'cat' party really fast, and hold on to the 'fish' this 'catfiiiish'
I am sure if I pulled this thing out of the water, I would throw it back in.

Next up is this beautiful fish called a flounder.  I mean really, it has spine-like dorsal find running almost completely around this things.  But the thing that gets me is that this fish has both it's eyes on the same side of it's head.  Look at the pic, 2 eyes on the same side.....

And last but not least is the alligator gar.  Really, how drunk did an alligator and a fish get to actually have sex and conceive this thing ?

Not to be outdone...below is a video clip of one way of catching catfiiish.  This technique is called noodling.  I spoke with a guy that has done this and I still can't believe it.  I still have problems reaching in the bathtub to pull out the toys my boy left behind...

Now this is proper fishing.....this is a pic of me a while back at my buddies stag holding the biggest walleye that I have ever caught.....

Same stag, different fish...I am holding the biggest pike I have ever caught....


For some reason I like this video clip....Tiger mashes a drive, and some dude in the crowd yells 'mashed potatoes'

If that was me driving the ball, the dude would have yelled '2nd shot, ladies tee box !!'


Hell of an advertising campaign by Reebok eh ?


Nothing really to say here except 'Look at the size of this guys neck !!'  Honestly, did this guy swallow a pylon ?


The boy came inside the other day with knuckles like this....feel bad for the other kid.


If anybody can track down this rum, get me a couple bottles


Ryders 'double barrel' joke of the day

I was making love to this girl and she started crying. I said, "Are you going to hate yourself in the morning? " She said, "No, I hate myself now. "

A man walks into a bar and orders a beer. He takes his first sip and sets it down. While he is looking around the bar, a monkey swings down and steals the pint of beer from him before he is able to stop the monkey. The man asks the barman who owns the monkey. The barman replies the piano player. The man walks over to the piano player and says "Do you know your monkey stole my beer. " The pianist replies "No, but if you hum it, I'll play it. "


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