Friday, February 10, 2012

The Tennis-Wear

Happy Friday everyone....

For starters, now if you purchased a second hand car and found a bunch of disks left in the CD player, wouldn't you see this an an added bonus ?

This is exactly what happened when I sold my car a few weeks back.  Got the car all washed up, ready to go and sold it.
The day after I got a call saying that I forgot my CD's in the disk changer.  So I went and picked them up.

Take a look at the collection below, tell me you would have kept these ?  I sure would have....

Machine Head
Killswitch Engage
and a mix metal CD

If I would have know they were still in the car, I likely would have sold the car at a higher price.


Not sure if anyone watches the show 'Up All Night', but there was a funny quote a few months back that I laughed my ass off at.  It happened when Chris noticed another guy wearing a specific brand of underwear...the exchange went like this.....
“Dude check this out! They’re Swedish, made by Bjorn Borg.” -Reed
“The tennis player makes underwear?” -Chris
“No, the underwear maker played tennis.” -Reed

Well today I present to you a newly purchased pair of Bjorn Borg underwear......I don't have any shots of me modelling them as this is a family blog......


How funny is this next pic......take a look at it and see if you can find out why it's funny.....

I will give you a clue...take a look at the classic Abbot and Costello video clip.


So did anyone watch the Superbowl that past weekend ?  Or are you like me and don't care about it.  Over the past 10 years I have faded away from the NFL and barely watch any games anymore.  Don't get me wrong, the NFL is great, and the Redskins are still my team, I just don't watch it anymore.....

BUT.....if my wife were to make me this ultimate Superbowl platter as shown in the pic below...i could be swayed once again.


Those of you that know me know that I haven't bought a CD in 10 years....I download all my music off the Internet, whether you like it or not, I do it. 

So I go to my favorite site this morning to get some more music and this splash page shows up....

I can't believe it actually, my favorite download site has been shut I am on the search for another site that will get me my music fix.


Is your PVR controlling your life ?  I talk to people that have 15-20 shows scheduled to tape each week.  Who the hell has this much time to watch TV?  My advice to you is, Get a Life.  There is more to life that watching 40 hours + of TV each week.


Ryder's Joke of the Day

 Two bananas are lying on a river bank when a turd comes floating by. The turd looks over and says, "Hey! Come on in! The water's fine! " One banana turns to the other banana and says, "Do you believe that shit? "