Friday, August 24, 2012

The Quest for a Vest

So I officially participated in my first race of the year a while back, it was called Mud Hero.  This was a 6km obstacle course out in Kananaskis country.  I believe there was 15 different obstacle's to do.  This race was a ton of fun.  A few of us got together and put a team in, our team was called 'the lucky sausage'

A before and after pic.


 So the Olympics have come and gone...and I don't know about you, but when they are on, I have to watch something everyday.  Heck, there was sports I have never heard being played, but I had to tune in anyway.

 I thought this was pretty cool....imagine cheering on your country in an Olympic booth and all of a sudden England's most popular person peeks in around the corner...I don't care of you are a Beckham fan or not, this was cool.  Don't tell me if you were in a Canadian booth and all of a sudden Sidney Crosby popped his head around the corner, that it wouldn't be cool ?

Check out the clip.


 So those of you that know me, know that I am a metal I have taken on a project, the project is too make the world's best heavy metal vest.  I am quite jacked for this actually....

So to start I went to value village last weekend and found this jacket, and cut the sleeves off it the second I got the search is on to find small patches, 1 large back patch, studs, leather.....etc.

the wife doesn't know, but the second this thing is done, I am wearing it 24/7.

Here is the first few shots....I will post more pics as the vest gets 'patched' up.


So I have actually been training  for a few races coming a few weeks I have the innisfail triathlon, a few weeks after that is the Melissa's 10K race in Banff, and in November, I am looking to do the Lake Havasu I need to but a wetsuit.



The family went to the zoo the other weekend, and Ryder loved it, being able to see animals in person that he has only seen in books, was a real treat to watch.

But I did come across this animal just walking around the place, without a leash...I found later that she was a lululemon model.

Ryders joke of the day

Billy was 14 and just started jerkin off... : Billy was 14 and just started jerkin off. He loved to jerk off. However, one day, his dad walked in on him while he was jerkin off! Billy was so embarrassed. He pulled up his pants as quick as he could. But, his dad already seen him. "Billy," said his dad, "doing that will make you go blind "Dad," he replied, "I'm over here! "
Bar jokes, beer, booze and fun! : "Did ya hear the news? " asked Keenan of his pal at the saloon. "Harrigan drank so much, his wife left him! " "Bartender! Give me six boilermakers!! "


I am out.
Stay Metal