Wednesday, July 17, 2013

First one done.


First one done….

I am a little late writing this blog, but what can you do.

Back in May I did my first Tri of the year in Sylvan Lake.  It was a sprint distance tri with a pool swim.

Leading into the race, I had done quite a bit of swimming, but small amounts of running and biking.
With my sister also doing the race, of course the trash talking ensued leading up to it.

So the pool swim started and I actually felt pretty good, when I left the pool I thought it was one of my best swim’s yet.

Next was the bike.  This wasn’t too bad, but like I said, I hadn’t trained enough for this.  My but was getting sore, and my legs were dead.  When I got off the bike at transition 2, I almost fell down, my legs were shot, and I was VERY wobbly, and awesome, the run was about to start.

The first couple K were tough, I was feeling it big time, then my body decided not to hurt as much, and the last couple K weren’t that bad at all.

When I crossed the finish line, I figured I had my sister beat.  I thought I had a great swim, marginal bike and marginal run.  

So my sister crosses the finish line and we compare our races to see where we sucked, and where we didn’t suck as much….

And the final results came in….
My time was 1:47:19
My sister’s time 1:46:47

Yep, you read that right, she beat me by roughly 30 seconds.  What a joke, I thought I had her this time.  You see, my sis and I have been doing triathlon’s for a few years now, but I have NEVER beat her.  She has always beat me, but by never more than 2 mins.  It has been very very close every single time.

Maybe next time.  Next race up, the Natural High Tri in Okotoks.  This will be my first Open Water Swim Triathlon.


Ryders Joke of the Day.

'Mum, there's a man at the door collecting for the Old Folk's Home.
Shall I give him Grandma?'

Thought I would add in a definition from the Urban Dictionary today, today's definition is...

Wub One Out :

Definition:  Cover the sound of masturbation by playing loud, shitty dubstep.

 A walks into B’s apartment:  “Man does your roommate really like dubstep?
B: “Nah bro he’s just about to wub one out.”


L8er Sk8er

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